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Monday, September 25, 2023

No names to protect the guilty, but to say I am pissed is an understatement. Tonight , we are having break the fast called for 6 p.m… One couple, who lives about 45 minutes from us accepted our invitation and said they would bring a dish which we know is great because we have eaten it at their house. These are people who could buy and sell me from their pocket change.

Yesterday, about 11:30 AM they called me to cancel. The excuse was we do not want to drive at night. Their next invitation will be when break the fast is at noon.

The food we were expected is not being sent. An Uber or car apparently never occurred to these people. Their excuse about driving at night is laughable and worse than declining a invitation because they were expecting headaches.

My life expectancy is to short to make room for these people as friends. Barbara,of course, is unphased. Howver, I am confident our relationship is over. I expect much more of my friends because they can expect much more of me.


Great sports Sunday. Surprisingly the Marlins hung in there and won the series against the Brewers. With their depleted pitching, it is almost impossible for them to win the majority of their remaking six games, all on the road. However, games are not won or lost on paper. That is why they play the game.


What can I say about the Dolphins. They ran up 70 points and demolished Denver. Coach made the right decision not to go for scoring record. Tua was about perfect. They had over 700 yards. No rain as predicted. Had a beer which was my first alcohol in over a month.

Next week in Buffalo will be tough. In fact, Dolphins should be underdogs. I have been to Buffalo for a Dolphin game. It is a rough drunken mean crowd and one takes his or her life in their hands openly rooting for thee visiting team. At least the elements should not be a factor.


I wish everyone an easy fast.


This is the holiday where we atone for our sins. I actually feel I committed very few sins that past year, none intentionally. I do atone to those I offended for using facts and logic in expressing my positions.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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