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Monday, September 18, 2023

Yesterday was my first day out of the house in a week since I fell. I drove Barbara and me to Marlins stadium, not an easy drive. Saw the Marlins score 16 runs and sweep a three game series from the awesome Braves. After losing three of four to Brewers, the odds were huge this would have happened. For what it is worth, the food today was basically uneatable. There were several cardiologists standing by for those who chose to eat chicken fried steak and porquetta which was way undercooked. You can imagine how unhealthy it was when my Wife blessed my having a hamburger.


The auto strike presents some very basic issues. I think things will get worse before everything is resolved.


I am even more pessimistic about avoiding a government shutdown. McCarthy really does have his head up his ass.


Trump claims he has not given a moment’s thought about going to jail. Really?

The painter I hired turned out to be a disaster. I am not sure yet what I will do, but I will tout that people are warned about some of the “gotchas”. I am fit to be tied at their audacity.

Just one example: I hired a painter to paint the entire outside of my house. Remember, I am a lawyer not a contractor. Forget, I took forever to get a bid, that they did not come when they said they would, that they left our yard in shambles and did not cart away the mess they left, forget their painting was mediocre and that they could not wait to be finished and paid, that they broke oral promises to do me a few favors, I learned “outside” did not include the window frames. They omitted windows from the contract so technically they are right, but neither my Wife nor I, who did not bargain and accepted their offer, dreamed to see if the window frames were included.

Now they want an unreasonable sum to do the windows. I never want to see them again. Hot tip: when you hire someone like a painter, ask for a list of what is NOT included.

The owner left the job to his sons. One particular son admitted he did not have time to do the job the right way. My complaints are greater in number than the Ten Commandments. Second hot tip: get in writing who will be in charge of the project. I was referred by a friend to the owner. Had he done the job, I am confident things would have gone much better. However, he delegated everything, never even came by to look at what his crew did and that is just wrong. We got totally taken advantage of, and now I have to hire another painter to do what these people did not do, and redo what they did. Boo!


Nice Dolphin win. Score not indicative of how much better we were.


Happy to see that the Bowling Green player carted off the field Saturday night in Ann Arbor is in stable condition.


DeSantis has joined Pence in supporting Tuberville’s position. How anyone who cares about our military can vote Republican is beyond me. Then again, I can say the same thing about everyone but white, Christian, heterosexual very rich people.


Still beat up from fall, but each day I can do more things with less pain


Have a hearing this morning, plus need to deal with lots of trades people, including aa new painter and someone to clean up from the old painter. Reminds me of the old joke “why does the new Italian navy have glass bottom boats?”. “So it can see the old Italian navy”

While on Italy and so you can start off your week with a smile, “why don't Italians like Jehovah’s Witnesses?”. “They don’t like any witnesses”.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan..


Go Ukraine

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