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Monday, September 12, 2022

I thought there were no great country music songs with which I did not have at least some familiarity, but last night driving home from taking Grandson Holden to dinner, back to back on Willie’s Roadhouse, I heard two great recordings I never recall hearing before. Loretta Lynn singing “I Know How” and Ronnie Milsap singing “Stand By My Woman Man”. These are two superstars doing their thing. This kind of talent just fascinates me.


Had a really nice time with Barbara at the Dolphin game. It did get very hot and we watched the second half in Club 72. The food this week was really outstanding. In deference to New England being the opponent, lobster rolls were served and they were great. Still no oysters.

The Dolphins played well. They are not ready for the Bills, but both Hill and Waddle played well. Other than one time having too many men on the field at one time, I noticed no major coaching errors. The team was well prepared. Our new coach gets A for his first win as a head coach.

They still need to improve their tackling. Hitting an NFL running back above the waist rarely gets the job done. I think the Zebras missed some calls and Tua still has trouble finding his second and third options. Make him move, and he is not nearly as effective as when he can stay in the pocket.


Even though I really had a great time at the Dolphin game and intend to attend all games I possibly can, I could not get that interested in watching other games. I did see enough to know that Kansas City is still a top team without Hill and that the Jets still stink.

The Marlins held the Mets to 14 hits in their 9 to 3 loss. That is two shellackings in a row. Time for the season to end.


Pujols hit 697. Yeah!


Apparently the formation i had yesterday was incorrect. President Biden and The First Lady were invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral but that is it. Biden does not have the option of bringing a delegation as is often the case.

I am actually happy that Trump cannot try to steal the spotlight. Damn I dislike Trump more than any person walking this Earth.


Futures are up after an up day Friday. I am not counting any chickens.


Waiting to see what Judge Cannon does. I am not optimistic.


Good luck Harper.

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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