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Monday, September 11, 2023

Sunday would have been a great day but for one thing. The marlins, without a starting pitcher, came from 3 to 0 behind and beat the Phillies. They are spunky taking two out of three in Philadelphia. Every wins counts, but in the last month, beating a team leading the wild card race is crucial.

Then, the Dolphins escaped by two points against the Chargers. Tyree Hill has over 200 yards receiving. Tua is obviously stronger and marginally smarter. He is still throwing to receivers with three defenders around them . It was an entertaining game which we were fortunate to win.


The day was marred for me because around 11 a.m. I fell and really bloodied myself up. I was fortunate not to break and or fracture anything,, but in a lot of discomfort and had to sleep sitting up. I was very lucky. I will have trouble moving around for several days. Fortunately, I can stay home.


They say men name their penises because they don’t want perfect strangers making decisions for them. Michigan State has fired its head football coach for some kind of sexual misconduct. The details do not matter. The point is that this coach made millions in one of the plum coaching jobs around, and could not keep his proverbial zipper up.


No one seems to be able to find the key to unlocking the Tuberville problem. It has to be time to play hardball. That means that the people in Alabama have to suffer enough that they get their moron Senator to back off.

I also think Schumer has to take a run at eliminating the filibuster. Very few seem to understand the seriousness of this problem, and it is deadly serious.


Looks like a long season for the football Giants.


I am really not up to writing a lot. See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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