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Monday, October 30, 2023

Great to wake up and see that Judge Chutkan not only reinstated the gag order, but denied Trump’s motion to stay while he appealed. The Judge had previously stayed her gag order, but Trump said so many outrageous things that this time around he will not fare nearly as well, and deservedly so. The man is out of control.


Yesterday, we had a great time at brunch with Jim Jimmerson and his family. Last night Barbara and I went to the Red Garter and watched the Dolphin Patriot game . It is a great place with as good a bar food as one can have. True I had brunch, but I could not finish a great pulled pork sandwich the sandwich two beers, a Diet Coke and two glasses of very good prosecco were 38 euros and we had the table all night.

Kansas City lost so I think they will be loaded for bear next week when we are in Frankfurt. I was happy to see that the Dolphins are flying to Germany today which should give them time to get acclimated to the major time change. It is not easy to check that many time zones and play a football game.


Our new Speaker scares the hell out of me. He does not want to help Ukraine. That demonstrates such ignorance that I do not even know where to begin explaining it. He is against all abortion which should alarm the vast majority of all Americans and every woman.

No of the anti abortion people ever ever mention how these children will survive once they are born. They just want to be sure they are born no matter what the circumstances.

We are in deep shit. Trump is ahead of every Republican by 50 points. The man is a lunatic. Besides,he really is stupid. He will say anything. Trump has not a scintilla of understanding of our Constitution. He thinks because one witness’ testimony favored him, that the case against him should be dismissed. His lawyers, obviously cannot control him. The whole situation is truly frightening.


My best guess is that we will have between 35 and 40 for the Thanksgiving dinner we host every year.


Not much to say today. Wilde has a great recipe for chicken cacciatore which I had today for lunch. I have lost 8 pounds here in Italy and 24 pounds since I took the baseball trip to Texas.


How do we avoid a government shutdown? Do we want to? Never thought I would ask that last question.


Dean Martin really was a great singer.


Barbara had over 16,000 steps yesterday.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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