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Monday, October 23, 2023

Well,I walked to brunch. I cannot say it was a labor of love. It took me 50 minutes for a walk that took Barbara 20. She walked back. I took a taxi with Stefano and Luca who dropped me off as they live on the other side of town.

The. Four Seasons was packed. Our friend, the Manager Mario was off, but he arranged for everything including our customary table. Lots of beautiful young people dressed to the nines, make it a real show.

There was a lot of great food, but the walk kind of did me in, and I ate about a third of my normal intake, and drank less than a glass of Prosecco mixed in fresh squeezed orange juice.

It’s clear that my tolerance for alcohol has severely waned. One benefit is that I am 20 pounds less than two months ago without much exercise mostly due to the fall


Trump is now claiming Sidney Powell was never his lawyer. Someone needs to explain to me how that matters except it means there can be no attorney- Client privilege is that is true. Simplistically, perhaps, she knows what she knows, heard what she heard, and saw what she saw whether or not she represented Trump.


Got up at 2 a.m., followed the baseball game on my phone and the football game on my I Pad. Likesd the result of the baseball game, hated the result of the football game. Went back to bed a little after 5 a.m.

Who would dream the Astros lose three at home and the Rangers lose three games at home.?


The cost of living in Florence has significantly increased.


Appears there a nine Republicans seeking to e Speaker. Hopefuuly, this will get sorted out soon. On the other hand, if it took until the 2024 election, it could be better with no government.


I posted a picture (on Facebook) that Barbara took of me in the dessert room at the Four Seasons. Well over 100 people took the time to comment or respond in some way. Each day I post what is on my mind. Not every one is a Pulitzer Prize winner, but some have been pretty damn good. If 50 people respond in some way, that is a lot. I think I can save considerable time and effort just posting a picture of food and call it a day.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan .


Go Ukraine

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