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Monday, October 10, 2022

Our trip from Detroit to New York went fine once we got on the plane. In fact, we were 20 minutes early arriving, and our bags took about ten minutes to arrive.

There was a lot of traffic into the City from Kennedy. We checked into our hotel but the room wasn't ready, got picked up, and off we went to Jets V Dolphins game.

The Dolphins got shellacked. Barbara and I both wore Dolphins Jackets, but were treated very nicely by Jets fans. I would say that the Jets fans at home in New York are much nicer and much less rude than those who travel to Miami.

Ran into my former client Joe Namath. Nice to see him.

The weather was expected to be cold but was very mild and perfect for a football game.

I went out to dinner with several people from my Firm, but Barbara, as expected, did not go.

Got back to the room after 11 p.m. Having gotten up at 4 a.m., I was exhausted but had almost 9000 steps and did well getting around.

Travel, football and eating consumed the entire day so I do not have much to say today.


Dollar hanging strong against euro at $.97, but market futures down again.


Not sure what Dolphins will do about a quarterback. Yesterday, it looked like most of our team had a bet on the Jets.


Not sure what we will do today. Think I will do pretty much whatever Barbara wants.


Peter Luger, Carbone, and Marea all lost their Michelin stars No suicides yet.


We like our hotel, The Palace Towers. However, many of the amenities are gone and for what hey charge, it is stupid.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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