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Monday, November 7, 2022

“Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money”, a favorite line of mine written by Tom T. Hall.


The consensus seems to be that Trump will announce he is running for President with the announcement coming very shortly. That may well be right but it iscounterintuitive that he do so.

Whatever the results of the midterms, most people are going to be tired of politics and will welcome a respite. The holidays are coming up and people will be occupied with other matters. Trump craves the spotlight, which logic dictates will be more difficult to grab between now and the end of the year.

From a fiscal perspective, the RNC Chair has announced that none of Trump’s legal fees can be paid by the Committee once he is a candidate. I have no specific knowledge of the amount of the fees, but here is a very rough “guesstimate”.

Trump can have no less than 30 lawyers working on his matters. That could be low by a lot. If the average hourly billable rate were $1000 (some are probably lower but not by much, and some could be considerably higher).

Most law firms expect a minimum of 2000 billable hours a year but many bill more. Figure 50 hours a week times $1000 times 30 lawyers. That is 1.5 million per week without considering substantial costs and substantial paralegal fees Just this comes to well over $6 million a month. In fact, if the over/under were $6.5, I would take the over.


Have you ever listened to Bill Maher and paid attention to a regular segment called “New Rules”? Here are my new rules:

1. If you say to me "Let’s have dinner or lunch, let me know some dates that are convenient," and I do not hear from you in three months, do not say that to me again.

2. If we have a date to have a meal together and you are 30 minutes or more late, I will order without you and you pick up the check.

3. If you ask me for tickets and they are not for you to use personally, tell me in advance.

4. If you intend to use the tickets but cannot, offer them back to me before you give them away.

5. If I give you a gift, thank me. A note is not necessary not even a text or email. Just say “thank you”.

6. If you expect something from me and you think I have failed, tell me right away and give me a chance to correct any deficiency.

7. If you want me to do something or be somewhere, but do not think I will do it or be there, ask me anyway. Maybe I will surprise you or maybe I can make my failure good in some other way.

8. If you voted Republican in this election, do not tell me. Talk about anything else, even the rhubarb crop.

9. Know that I always try to do the best I can.

10. Know that I try, but am not always successful, to treat you the way I would like to be treated.

Bonus rule: Please do not bullshit me. I will reciprocate.


Fun to watch the Dolphins game, but they were lucky to win. Caught a huge break from the Zebra who missed an obvious pass interference call, but it was nice to be on the winning end of a bad call. Lord knows, we have been on the losing end a lot.

Fields outdid himself. Do not remember any NFL quarterback who ran for more yards than he threw.


Hard to.believe Jets beat the Bills. On any given Sunday, the Jets can beat anybody or lose to anybody.


Getting ready to get ready to go to Italy.


Granddaughter Harper applying to various colleges. She is smart and talented, but the whole process is so painful, I feel bad as each grandchild goes through the process.


Euro and dollar at parity. Stock futures are up.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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