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Monday, May 8, 2023

Yesterday we were in Ghana. We had a great time on a private tour again with Alicia and Andy. They are really easy and comfortable to be with. Alicia still is a practicing psychologist in Santiago, Chile. Andy is now retired. He was born in New York but lived and worked all over the world. They are newlyweds married only a couple of years but doing well. I expect they are “keepers” from this cruise and that we will, see them again in Chile and Florida.

We had a great guide. Most everyone speaks English quite well. In Benin, the second language wins French. We did well because Alicia is fluent in French and we were with Vivian Dimond who is also fluent in French.

The major market in Ghana is a sight to behold. It is so crowded tat one cannot walk in the streets. We drove through very slowly. Had a really authentic lunch. Not a tourist in sight. Silverware is rarely used even when eat soup.

Ghana is reputedly the safest country in all of Africa. That could easily be right.

We were late meeting our guide because the shuttle taking us to the proper place waited half an hour while a passenger waiting for the ship to deliver her lunch in my heyday, she would have heard from me, but I appear to have mellowed to a really disgusting extent so I said nothing.

Birthday party at 6. All of a sudden we are being included in many things. After party had v glass of champagne in cabin with Seabourn’s head sommelier, had a small dinner in the cabin, wrote this post and will retire early.


Saw Trump has not chosen to testify in his own defense. If subscribe to principle “first do no harm”, it was right decision. I assume Trump and his legal team debated the issue but would not bet my life on it.


Too tired tonite. See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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