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Monday, May 29, 2023

Sorry everyone, I wrote a post that took me quite some time and it disappeared. I will just say a few things I remember.

I acknowledged Memorial Day and observed that those who gave their lives for our country or were severely injured mental or physically must think they fought for nothing. Our personal freedoms are being eroded away.

Pay attention veterans and families of veterans. The Republicans are not your friends.


Russia has a warrant for the arrest of Lindsey Graham because of his support for Ukraine. My feelings are similar to the man or woman watching his or his mother in law go over a cliff in their new BMW.


There are at least three other declared candidates for the Republican nomination besides Trump and DeSantis. Where have they been? No comments, for example on Paxton’s impeachment in Texas.


I had a really fun musical quiz which took me an hour to create. I will try to piece it together another day.


Visit to dentist went well. Spent time getting ready for arrival of son Charles and his family.


Compulsive Barbara is virtually settled in Florence. Mortals would have taken a week.


Happy 85th birthday to Bobby Baer. We have been the closest of friends for decades. Met at Michigan in 1957, the year before I met Barbara there.


Will be interesting what the stock market does with a deal in Washington looming but not yet done.


Went to our drugstore here in Florence to see price of Eliquis and whether prescription needed. Price 105 euros instead of 78 in Canary Islands but still 75% less than in Florida. Told prescription needed but since they knew me, I did not need one. Can anyone see that happening in the United States?


To those who waited with baited breadth, our famous or infamous ice cube maker is working beautifully.


Over 6000 steps Monday and all I did was walk to dentist and back, stopping at drugstores, and walked through two grocery stores. Almost everyone delivers the groceries at no price or a small one depending on the size of the order. Saves a lot of wear and tear.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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