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Monday, May 23, 2022

Please everyone, if you read nothing more today, read Thomas Friedman’s article in “The New York Times” dated May 22. If I had the computer skills,I would send it to not just everyone I know, but everyone everywhere.


I cannot stop thinking about Clarence and Ginni Thomas. Her seditious acts aside, how cannot there be a giant uproar over Clarence Thomas’ flagrant breach of judicial ethics is mind boggling.

I think over 25 years ago, I was a member of the Ethics Committee of the American Bar. One of our members was the late Professor Geoffrey Hazard, a really brilliant thinker. I always thought, as I looked at all the committee members, that it was our collective intellect against his, but he still won. I had maybe spent a few hours thinking about issues that Hazard has spent a professional lifetime thinking about.

Anyway, I think the A.B.A. still has an Ethics Committee. Maybe I missed it, but I have seen nothing from that Committee condemning Thomas. The other day I mentioned that I thought that in most law schools the Professors who taught Constitutional Law were among the smartest. Ethics Professors are right up there. I personally know really top notch legal professors who teach ethics . I know at least one whom I consider a total whore and whose alleged “expert opinion” is easily bought. So, like most barrels, there are a few bad apples, but my point is, “Where are the good apples?”.

Chief Justice Roberts says he is powerless. I will be King of England before Thomas is convicted in any impeachment action, but maybe enough pressure can be brought to at least make Thomas realize he must recuse himself in all cases directly or indirectly relating to Trump or other voting issues.

I would like to see a list of 50 or 100 ethics professors take out full page ads and otherwise disseminate their disdain, and, if it has already not done so, the A.B.A. needs to do the same.

I know there are lots of other issues that either appear to be or actually are more important. Still, it is untenable to have a situation where the United States Supreme Court or any court cannot be trusted to provide a level playing field for all litigants. The Judiciary is an equal branch of government; at least, that is what I was taught. On the other hand, I was also taught right from wrong etc.


Marlins finally won a game and by one run. I watched the Preakness without falling asleep although I was yawning. I had no interest, as I often do, in who won the PGA.


Seriously, all you Georgia voters, how can you even consider voting for Herschel Walker? Test his IQ. See if he even knows which fork to use first. Ask him to name the nine members of the Supreme Court, or the names of the last five books he read, or the names of his five favorite writers. Ask him to name the capitals of any ten European countries, or any ten countries who are members of NATO. Ask him how many women he has impregnated who had abortions.

We could end up with a Senate where the ushers are smarter than the Senators, even with Cruz and Hawley who are really smart but vile and evil.


Yesterday, with a lot of help from WHN, I got dressed and went downstairs for lunch. It was nice to be outside, only have to walk ten steps each way, and enjoy Florence sitting outside on a beautiful day.


Already saw movie pictures of Grandson Ryan getting his diploma. Watched it three or four times just to be sure it was he.


I am trying as hard as I possible can to rehabilitate my leg and be fit for all we want to do and be alive to see. Next major family event is Granddaughter Kasey’s Bat Mitzvah in October.


My first car was a brand new 1957 Chevrolet Impala. I went with my Father when he wrote a check for $3000. At the dinner table that night, my Father said to me, “Jimmy, do you know how much your new car cost me today?” I told him I knew he paid $3000 and I know I thanked both my parents profusely. May have even written a note but cannot swear I did.

My Father then said ”No, that car cost $6000. That is how much I had to earn to have $3000 for your car." That principle alone allowed me to curve the exam in estate and gift tax, because it was my senior year and Boies had already transferred to Yale. Before he left Northwestern, he curved every exam.

I tell this story today as I see and hear about all these wonderful graduations from schools that can cost up to $100,000 per year. Some students get full or partial scholarships, often coupled with student loans. I am not writing to you.

I am writing to those of you who recently, or at any time, were fully educated by your parents or grandparents or someone else who footed the entire expense. It is more expensive now and state universities for in-state students are far less expensive. Still, it was never a trivial amount.

Tax affects the cost of your education paid for, and the number often runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars. How many of you really understand what it took to pay these sums? Do you think no planning or sacrifices were made to educate you? Do you appreciate what was done for you? And when was the last time you ever expressed that appreciation? Do your children, or whomever you are paying for, appreciate what you are doing for them?

Son Charles and Cindy put two children, and a third is still there, through a great private Jewish Day School. Charles is a very successful lawyer, a. great lawyer, but the money his children’s education already cost is out of sight. Do his children appreciate it? Have they ever said to their parents that they recognize the money their school cost did not grow outside on trees? Each parent worked their asses off to get this done.

I may be different than the majority around these days. Things were different when I was growing up. We never questioned our parents. We thanked them for everything many times over, and we did everything possible to show our respect and appreciation for their taking care of us.


To me, those were the good ole days. I am often tempted to ask my grandchildren, “Did you thank your parents?” I also want to ask, “Did you get my check?” I tried but failed to get my bank to type a legend on the back of my checks where they ate endorsed that says:

“Thank you for the gift, which I appreciate. I am fine and doing well in school. When are you available for me to call, and when can I spend some time with you?”

Signature line.

I bet a lot of parents and grandparents would want the same legend or some variation on their check. Maybe some items to check off boxes for:

  • I have no tattoos or plans for any.

  • I am not in jail or out on bond.

  • I am up to date with my schoolwork and doing my best

Anyway, some food for thought. The views expressed are not the views of the management or any of its advertisers, of which there are none.

——— — -

Go Ukraine

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