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Monday, May 22, 2023

Yesterday Barbara made great strides on the humongous job of packing. Remember, we brought just about everything but the piano and our bedroom furniture. Oh, also we left behind our dining room table and breakfronts. I even helped a little and was not yelled at once. I am married over 62 years, and, although, arguably still on probation, I have learned a couple of things.

When we have a party and Barbara is doing most, sometimes all of the cooking, I disappear. I am in charge of the bar, getting the inadequate amount of help my Wife thinks is adequate, and I pay. Other than that I disappear. A root canal without anesthetic is more fun than watching her get ready.

The second time I disappear is when she packs which is almost always. The exception is when I go to gamble. Then, I am on my own even to the extent I would never ask her for a ride to the airport. If you have not guessed, my Wife does not understand gambling and does not want me to gamble which is something I have done since high school Sometimes it is easier to ask forgiveness rather than permission, and as Joe E Brown, said at the end of the hilarious “Some Like It Hot”, “ nobody’s perfect”. ———————— About noon yesterday, we went off the ship, just the two of us. We had trouble finding a taxi, then the one we found wanted way too much money per hour. So, we took our chances paying the amount on the meter and the three taxis saved us between 40 and 100 euros depending upon how one counts.

We found a great tapas restaurant. Went to two pharmacies and bought 120 tablets of 2.5 mg Eliquis without a prescription for 156 euros. if you are on this medication, check to see what your pharmacist charges after jumping through multiple hoops. First, the doctor call the pharmacy, then the pharmacy has to get approval from the insurance company, and often the company says the insured still has some pill, make him or her come back in five days or even make him or her come back tomorrow. I kid you not. ———————— Still no deal on lifting the debt ceiling and avoiding economic catastrophe. The Republican Party is being run by terrorists. The general rule is not to negotiate with terrorists, but the Democrats had no choice.

The big difference here is that, in the few instances where we did negotiate with terrorists, right or wrong, we could later hunt them down and kill them. Who can get away with killing the kamikazis willing to do this much damage to our Country? As Nixon said “that would be wrong” but as The Andrew Sisters sang “I can dream, can’t I?” ———————- Can anyone follow Tim Scott’s reasoning to get in the race for the 2024 Presidential Election? Who will get more votes in South Carolina Scott or Haley. Will either even come close to Trump or DeSantis? Your dog might get more votes than either of them. ———————- Can anyone follow Nikki Haley’s reasoning? ———————- Trump keeps losing key members of his legal team. Somewhere at sometimes, I am sure there have been worse clients than Trump, but none come to mind. ——————— See Jean Carroll just sued Trump for new damages because of his dumber than whale shit comments on CNN. I think Mr. Trump picked the wrong person to bad mouth. ———————— Today is a sea day. Then the next day we are in our last port which is Casablanca. Then two sea days and we disembark. In Barcelona early on Saturday May 27. We may never, for many reasons, have another trip of this magnitude and quality. Regardless, if that is the case, we went out with a bang. Better late than never. —————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ———————- Go Ukraine

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