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Monday, May 2, 2022

Nancy Pelosi has led a delegation to Ukraine. That is good. The delegation is all Democrats.

I do not know if any Republicans were asked.

I subscribe to the maxim “keep you friends close and your enemies closer”. I also like people in my tent pissing out rather than outside my tent pissing in. I learned that from either Aristotle or Socrates. I always mix these guys up.


Joe Biden certainly demonstrated he had a sense of humor at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Not surprisingly, Trump always skipped the event. Have to give him a lot of credit for “Republicans seem to support one fella. Some guy named Brandon. He’s having a really good year and I’m happy for him”.

I particularly liked “there’s nothing I can say about the G.O.P. that Kevin McCarthy hasn’t already put on tape.”


Gene and Linda just left for Sicily. We are now without guests for the remainder of this stay in Florence.

We had a good time with the Davidsons. They are both very, very smart and it is good to learn. Continuing to learn is essential in my view.

What has become essential to us is that the couples we spend time with get along with one another. Gene and Linda are devoted to each other, married over 60 years, as we are. Mike and Jalayne are the same.

We try to avoid spending time with people who are not nice to one another. On more than one occasion, I have said to a friend that if he and his Wife want to spend time with us, they have to treat each other with love and respect. Some straightened out, at least in our presence, and some did not.


The Marlins' winning streak came to an end on Sunday. They really had a chance to win with their best pitcher on the mound, but it was not to be. I put daughter Beth in charge, but she could not pull it off. She did, however, satisfactorily resolve the issue of the benefits we receive from the Marlins for having four premium season tickets.

The lady who takes care of our account tries very hard to accommodate us. The problem is that there are higher-ups who make the call, and they are not that good when it comes to customer satisfaction. No one was as bad as Luria, but this ownership group is not much better.

The Marlins used to take season ticket holders on the road. That stopped. We were on a few of those trips and they were great fun particularly the trip to Fenway. In my view, Wrigley and Fenway are the best ballparks to visit. Our baseball group is planning on Wrigley and then Kansas City this August.


Is there ever going to be a time when Floridians take a stand against DeSantis? The man has become a dictator totally emasculating the Legislature and signing bills that the majority of the people do not want.


Yesterday the weather in Florence was perfect. This is a very nice time to be in Italy. Temperature in the low 70’s. No rain due until Friday.


One problem we have in our country is that so much is wrong that the stories have no legs. For example, the situation with Clarence Thomas and his Wife is an abomination. The story is no longer in the news.

What is taking so long in Georgia to nail Trump? I know the wheels of justice grind slowly but this is ridiculous.


The college admissions system needs complete overhauling. Read about an applicant with 1550 and other great qualifications being turned down at multiple Ivy League schools. The colleges are making a fortune taking applications they should not be taking. Cruise lines will tell you the waiting list is full. College should limit the number of applications they accept.


Go Ukraine

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