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Monday, May 16, 2022

The Marlins lost but it was by more than one run


Last Sunday, I was forced to cancel brunch with Don and Madeleine Leone. I could not walk at all. Yesterday was supposed to be our last brunch and we had a long standing date with Stefano and Luca. We added the Leones and with the driver I now have with a sedan, we went to the brunch.

Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons is my very favorite thing to do. I have never been to a better one and I know of no nicer way to spend time with friends.

Part of my toast to son Charles at his Bar Mitzvah over 40 years ago was “try never to go anywhere where they do not serve Caesar Salad. You might not like it and you do not have to eat it, but it is a sign of civilization.”. The menu changes each week but there are many staples, and one-of them is Caesar Salad.

It was nice not lying in bed, but the exertion of getting dressed, getting in and out of the car, and getting into the hotel and getting back home was just too much. It was not worth it even though the food was very good. The theme was Sicilian so just about all the great dishes from Sicily, except Pasta Norma was served. I ate and drank very little.

Because we delayed our return until June 1, there are two more brunches. I reserved for the last one in two weeks but already decided that except for two dental appointments and seeing the surgeon I will do nothing but try to improve to the point where my pain is gone, I do not need the brace and I can walk without crutches. The fracture is not major so there is a chance I may be able to put weight on the foot in the two weeks.

Barbara still has to do everything for me, but the less I do, the easier it is for her. Our food is delivered so we are covered on most things, and there is a supermarket 100 feet from our front door. To the right of our front door is a gelateria with very good homemade gelato and to the right of our front door there isa very good restaurant that has everything from pizza to the best Florentine cuts of steak The chef will cook salt free so we are set up very well.


I hope at least a few of you, my readers, are paying attention to my telling you that white Christian heterosexual men are going for everyone else. The mass murder in Buffalo was racially motivated and committed by a man who believes the Blacks are taking from the whites. We have elected officials who embrace this same “replacement theory”. Tucker Carlson embraces it.

Nazi Germany is coming back to the United States. There are differences between what occurred in Germany to give rise to Hitler and what is occurring now. However, do not kid yourself, what is happening now in the United Stares is every bit as dangerous as what happened in Germany

Here is a major difference, and it is arguable which is worse. In Germany, Hitler emerged early on. Those few who were paying attention knew who would lead the Nazi Movement. Hitler wrote Mein Kamph in 1925, in which he set forth his political ideology and future plans for Germany. He was going to purify the race and be left with a superior Aryan nation, a superior master race.

Our Hitler has not yet emerged. No one has written the equivalent of Mein Kamph. The contenders are not hard to identify. In the lead is Ron DeSantis. He has the charisma to lead the charge. Other contenders are Trump, Cruz, and Hawley, but I really see the latter two in the role similar to that of Rudolph Hess.

Do not for a moment think I am suggesting that there will be another holocaust. There will not be gas chambers. What is on the verge of happening in the United States is much more subtle and nuanced than what occurred in Nazi Germany.

Our country is not going to cart off the non Christian whites to concentrations camps. Instead, they are going to strip away their rights through legislation rubber stamped by a rigged Supreme Court. By the way, do not think the only rigging is at the Supreme Court level. Trump and McConnell spent four years packing the lower federal court system with extremely conservative judges, many without even a modicum of judicial qualifications.

The purging in the United States has already begun. Roe v Wade is gone. The Republicans have already rigged the voting process. They will control both the House and Senate and make all abortion illegal. Interracial marriage, same sex unions, even the purchase of condoms could be outlawed. There will be no gun control, no health insurance, no social security. It will be the survival of the fittest and those not sufficiently fit will not receive government help and, essentially, perish.

Think I am kidding? McConnell has already said it is the Supreme Court’s job to approve laws the majority of people do not approve. We are in deep, deep trouble.


It would be nice if the stock market would have a few more up days


Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern for my wellbeing.


Go Ukraine

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