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Monday, March 7, 2022

Sunday I spent most of the day reading and listening to country music. I did watch “Sunday Morning” and “Face The Nation” but then, had enough of the war..

I am resolved to the fact that we cannot directly fight the Russians. However, if our strategy is to force a resolution through sanctions, I am having trouble figuring out how we can not stop importing oil from Russia. Ukraine does not have time for the noose to tighten slowly around Russia’s economy.

Will prices of gasoline go up? Of course they will, but who said this will all be painless. Higher prices at the pump is a price we have to pay. The Ukrainians are paying with their lives including their children's lives. Come on folks. Stop bitching about the price of gas. You stayed home for two years because of the Pandemic. If you have to sacrifice not buying a tank of gas and stay home a little more, it is unfortunate, but not the end of the world.

I am sure some are thinking “what does Miller care? It is easy for him to have these views because he still has enough money to buy gas at the higher price.” That is all true, but it does not change my opinion. If we have to economically strangle Putin, we cannot use just one hand. We have to wrap both hands around his figurative neck and squeeze as hard as we can.

Whether we can take steps to counter the increased costs with, for example, a moratorium on gasoline taxes, I do not know. What I do know is that Ukraine’s military will ultimately succumb to Russia’s. This means that whatever we do, we need to do fast.


I remember many years ago, when I was active in organizations such as Jewish Federation, and Jewish Family Service, that one of the fundraising techniques was “we are asking you just for your money, we have donated the lives of our children”.

The year I was President of the Family Service, we started the Soviet Resettlement Program in Broward County. I enjoyed that work more than the Federation or the United Way Board.

There was a time when I was trying to become established that I was literally out doing something in the community virtually every night.

I also was on my Temple Board and was President for two years even though I cannot read Hebrew. I could, however, work well with our brilliant, strong willed Rabbi and could over see the operation of the Temple Cemetery. I was at services every Friday night.


Friday I had minor surgery on a toe so I could not go anywhere for the weekend. I go back to the doctor this morning to have him remove the bandage and check things out. Most of the pain is gone so I am very optimistic things will be fine.


Another very bad day in our stock market is looming. It could get worse before it gets better. I just looked at the futures again and things are worse than the first time.

Our dollar is the weakest it has been for a long time. It is now below $1.09 against the Euro. Actually, the euro is now $1.08. We will be leaving for our home in Italy soon and living there will be less expensive than usual.


I am not seeing a way out for Putin. He totally underestimated world opinion, and he totally under estimated the people of the Ukraine particularly its President. He overestimated the ability of his own troops, but the end game does not favor Ukraine.


No resolution of the baseball strike. Each summer I visit two ballparks with my friends Cary Mogerman, Ed Snyder, and Lowell Sucherman. Last year’s scheduled trip to two ballparks in Texas with a side trip to Austin was cancelled due to Covid. Lowell just turned 91 and is still very active and still one of the best divorce lawyers in San Francisco. Cary is from Missouri and Ed from New Jersey, but he is spending more time in Florida now. We will go to some Marlin games together if they ever play.


Barbara’s if event is Sunday. Our 61st anniversary is Saturday and Friday is David’s birthday so lots going on. Wednesday, I go to dinner and the Heat game with daughter Beth, Thursday, dinner with grandchild Jaden, home from Vassar, and tonight dinner with Bobby and Elaine. Barbara will work most of this time except on our anniversary, we will be together, but our plans are not entirely clear.


Other than what decision is made with respect to oil, the other big question, at least in my mind, is what China will do. Although China has not voted against Russia, it has not voted for Russia. China may be the one country that can influence Putin. However both Macron of France and Bennett of Israel are trying to help broker peace.

Once again, a huge kudos to Poland. I am amazed at how Poland has stepped up to the plate. Before the outbreak between Russia and Ukraine, my first thought about Poland, where I have never been, is that they persecuted the Jews during the Holocaust.

Even Hungary, where we have been, and is no box of chocolates, has do much more for the Ukrainian refugees than I thought.


Root for Ukraine and progress toward peace and realize that what is going on in distant lands directly impacts the United States. Please pay attention because what is going on is about you and me and our democracy. Make no mistake, Putin is a madman.


Have a nice day

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