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Monday, March 6, 2023

No surprise that Kellyanne Conway and her Husband George are getting divorced. It is one thing for a couple to have divergent political views, but the Conway's could harder be further apart. Of course, Donald Trump, that expert on how to be successfully married, did not help when he called Conway “the husband from hell”. As I have said before, and as Joe E Brown said at the end of “Some Like It Hot”,"nobody’s perfect” but I think Trump is a perfect asshole when it comes to relationships with women.

Were it not for the most struck non disclosure agreements and his divorces files being sealed, we would really get a true picture of Trump and it would not be pretty.


Our arrival in Sydney could not have been more exciting or gorgeous, but, at least for while thereafter, things went downhill.

We were supposed to meet friends from the ship for dinner at 7 and then spend today with them in the wine country. As we were leaving our cabin at 9:45 a.m. to be sure we were early for our river cruise, we received an email from our friends that they screwed up, the wine tour was yesterday not today. So, we we stuck with a dinner reservation for 4 last night and had nothing set for today.

Our taxi driver got lost taking us to the dock where our river cruise departed so we missed the cruise. Did get refunded our $300 because river cruise people mislead us as to where to go. A friendly Aussie even drove us to the right place an refused even a tip but we still missed the cruise.

Went to the Jewish Museum which was great although being reminded of the Holocaust never fails to piss me off. This Museum had great filmed statements from many survivors.

We did accomplish getting most of what Barbara needed in terms of buying some things. We walked into a great place for lunch that had terrific oysters and excellent chicken and fish. Then, the hostess found us someone to take us on a private wine tour today.

Chinese dinner was good, place mobbed, but not as good as Brisbane and due to late lunch and there just being the two of us, we ordered very little and had a lot leftover.

Seabourn gave us horrible instructions about where we docked. No address of terminal or name and it took four taxi drivers before we found one who knew where to take us. One taxi driver dropped his flag at $22.90 which is what the whole ride costs once we found the right driver.

Heat was oppressive at 100 degrees but was not outside that much Had about 8000 steps


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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