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Monday, March 28, 2022

The more I think about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the madder I get. Simply put, Cruz, Hawley, and others are nothing but scum. What makes it worse is that Cruz and Hawley are very highly educated. They recognize the legitimate issues but choose to ignore them. Instead of discussing on an intellectual basis the real issues, they chose to sling all the manure their demented, mean-spirted minds could conjure up. What they did to this outstanding candidate is beyond despicable. If any of these Republicans were on fire, I would not piss on them —-and with all the diaretics I have to take, I could no doubt help, but they all serve to rot in hell.

Stay tuned for how I really feel.

How about this for the next press conference given by any Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I have a two part question: first, would your Mother be proud of how you conducted yourself at the confirmation hearing, and second, would you be proud of your children if they conducted themselves as you did?”


How many of you are really interested in Prince William and Kate? I do prefer them to a root canal without anesthetic.


It looked like, in the first half, Miami could stay with Kansas, but it was not to be. Jayhawks just too good.


Stayed home all day Sunday trying to shake cold. So far, still have a way to go.


I wish I had a crystal ball, but I do not and neither do any of you. What I see is that Russia and Ukraine continue slugging it out. Most of the world is rooting for Ukraine and, although providing enormous aid, is unwilling to do what it takes for Ukraine to really win.

Zelensky can be handicapped. Putin cannot be. The longer this goes on, the more people die, the greater the destruction, and the more likely Putin is going to do something really crazy.

In the meantime, Biden has done a terrific job of uniting most of the world and yet his popularity is down to 40%. That makes absolutely no sense. Are Americans really that stupid?


I am not an expert on the inner workings of the Supreme Court. Just how much influence the Chief Justice has over the rest of the Court, I do not know. What I do know is that someone has to read Clarence Thomas the riot act. The appearance of impropriety is overwhelming. I personally think Thomas has a flagrant conflict of interests with respect to all cases of a political nature and should not be allowed to participate on any of those cases. What is going on at the Supreme Court is tainting our entire judicial system.


Hard to believe I missed the Four Seasons brunch yesterday. I always said I would have to be in a coma to miss it. That turned out to be an overstatement, because I was not in a coma. However, I might as well have been. I could hardly move. Feel better early this morning, but whether I can go out remains to be seen. Fortunately, I have established terrific relationships with merchants whom I can call for food and they will deliver. Also Gabriella made me a nice dish that I ate as part of three different meals.


One of my grandsons was waitlisted at his number one choice for college. I wish I could do something about it but I cannot. As long as I have my Wife by my side, we can handle everything, but I do not deal well when our children, all grown of course, or our grandchildren hit bumps in the road.

One of the things that I think has distinguished me as a family law practitioner, now for 56 years, is that I always realized that when people divorced, they were no longer husband and wife but would always be father and mother. Too many of my colleagues do not recognize that fact, they do their financial job but leave the family in tatters. That is wrong.


I am not one who often speculates, but if Biden gets a second nominee to the Supreme Court, who would it be? So much has been made of his pledge to appoint a Black woman. So now what? Do we go back to white males or does the next Justice have to represent some other segment of our society? There is some SNL material here.


Just heard Albert Pujols is going back to the Cardinals. He should have never left


Go Ukraine

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