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Monday, March 21, 2022

Clarence Thomas is in the hospital. I cannot bring myself to wish him dead, publicly, but he has no right to consider any cases that involve Trump directly or indirectly. I do not know for sure if anyone has ever filed a motion to recuse him, nor do I know if such a motion has ever been filed directed at a Supreme Court Justice, but if it can be done it should.

There are many lawyers who refrain for trying to disqualify a judge because if they fail, the judge could get mad and rule against the one filing the motion. That is not the case with Thomas because his vote is 100%, not even 99%, predictable.


Miami upset Auburn in the NCAA. Wow!


Today confirmation hearings begin on Biden’s first nominee for the Supreme Court. The ABA has given her its highest rating. There is no doubt that she is eminently qualified. Still, the Republicans will make these hearings another three ring circus. I used to joke that the only good Republican is a dead Republican, but it is no longer a joke.

What is worse is that, if I were a betting man, even though betting may be a sin, I think they are going to whomp the Democrats this November. The Republicans have the wining skill set. They know how to cheat and lie. They really have no scruples and think the rules do not apply to them.

I am amazed at how many voters are either so stupid and/or so preoccupied with their own lives that they do pay attention as our democracy crumbles.

Too many people are worried about the wrong things. Okay, a gallon of gas now costs more, but take a look at what it costs in other countries. What we are paying, even at $6.00 a gallon, is a bargain.

In the meantime, the abortion laws are an abortion, our citizen’s voting rights are disappearing, and our elected officials have trouble agreeing on the time of day,

Donald Trump is, and I am not a doctor, certifiably insane. I know that if a man says I am a refrigerator because every time I open my mouth a light goes on, that something is wrong. Trump totally manufactured the Big Lie, and sold it to millions. What is the matter with you people?


We are getting organized in Florence. It really takes about a week even for someone as obsessive compulsive as Barbara. Packing and unpacking is not so simple, and traveling long distances is not easy. It never was easy, but as we get older, most tasks become more enervating.


Last night I listened to Beethoven’s violin concerto. It may be my single favorite piece of music. Barbara asked me whether I knew every note. Not yet, but I am getting there.


It is not freezing cold but we have had the fireplace on since we arrived. We had to convert our entire apartment to LED lighting which took the electrician three days. Every light bulb had to be changed and we no longer have dimmers.


This morning at 8:30 a.m. I went to the grocery store, whIch is just a few hundred steps from our front door. I forgot my mask. When I entered the store, I asked the cashier if I could have a mask. There was no problem giving me a really nice mask. Not one person in the store was maskless. Florence is really a very friendly place.


Remember Boris Becker? He was a great, really great tennis player. One would think he would be financially set for life. Not so. In 2017 he declared bankruptcy, and now he is about to stand trial for failure to turn over his trophies to help settle his debts.

Contrast this situation with what we are presently seeing happen with world class athletes. Every day, contracts are being signed for multiple millions by athletes who are very good but by no means great.

It would be interesting to look back at the athletes receiving multiple millions to see how they actually did. A good argument could be made that anyone paid more than $10 million a year should be Hall of Famers. I will not be around, but my bet is less then half, maybe less than 10%, of these athletes will make it to their respective Halls of Fame.


Go Ukraine.

See you tomorrow

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