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Monday, June 5, 2023

At 4:35 a.m. my time in Florence, the Heat won very big to be even after two games.


Friend and colleague Marc Brawer and his Wife in Florence briefly. Managed to find time for him to visit as short time. There are many people we wanted to spend time with that we will miss until we comeback in thee fall, but this trip family took precedence. Grandma is definitely trying to get to heaven.

Tomorrow, we are going with just Charles and Cindy, no grandkids on a nice wine tour. Then, the last day of the family visit, we are going to Scarperia for our other favorite meal in the countryside. It is one of the best steakhouses in the world, in the same family well over a 100 years. Most of our guests who go there regard it as the most memorable meal of their life even if they do not eat meat. I expect lots of pictures will be taken. Gianni, and Gabriella and Stefano and Luca and our family will fill up the fireplace room. Most of the cooking is done by Paulo on the fireplace.

Not only do many consider the steak the best in Italy, there is a homemade bacon which I think is the best in the world. When you sit down, there is no waiting to eat. There are about 15 or more dishes of various foods already on the table.

The restaurant was the American infirmary during WW2 because a battle took place about half a mile from the restaurant.

All the knives in Italy are made in Scarperia. The Ferrari test track is also there. ————————-

Barbara took Charles and Cindy to one of the hidden gems in all of Florence, maybe all of Italy. It is called Locchia. They make to order the most magnificent glassware and other glass items. It is hidden away a long long distance from the center ain’t it is appointment only.


I ventured out for lunch to Gatto and Volpe. I am not ready for the Olympics, but I walked much better than I have been.


Getting anxious to be back in Florida. I intend to go back to practicing law and will do some mediation if asked.

I do intend to be much more accommodating with respect to my hourly rate. At this point, I just want to continue practicing a profession I have loved about 58 years and from which I do not want to retire.


Does anyone like Elizabeth Holmes?

Florence is load. Restaurants are all full booked. Apparently Carrier brought about 1000 employeees to Florence so not a hotel room is available


Apple’s new product may have gone over like a pork chop at a kosher wedding. Stock tumbled after it looked like going through the roof.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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