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Monday, June 27, 2022

I have access to some of the finest legal minds in the country. Having listened to them since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, the consensus is that the decision has absolutely nothing to do with our Constitution. Rather, it was purely a political decision. The Court has now lost its credibility. It is no less of a political body than the Senate or the House. —————- Sunday, I had 11,312 steps. The were not all pretty, but better than at anytime since I fell. ——————— I travel home today. Although I did not win at the tables, I cut my losses and avoided devastation. In other words, it could have been a lot worse.

I always like to know when I am coming back before I leave. This time I do not know. Whether I get back again in this calendar year is 55/45 with the decision totally in the hands of others.

One thing was a great surprise to me. I have been coming to the Venetian for many years. I never kept track of how I did but would have guessed that, overall, I was a net loser. “Not so,” said our casino host. He told me that I was actually ahead of the house. That is no longer true, but having come to this place at least 30 times, maybe more, to not be a net loser is almost unbelievable. We do play only craps and we give the house no easy bets —-no field bets, no hard ways , no place bets. We pay on the pass line, take full odds, and stay on the Come which is nothing more than a pass line. Obviously, we can lose as we did this time, but we keep the house’s edge to the bare minimum.

David’s view, with which I concur, is that it is better to win than lose, but better to lose than not play. This is because we all have such a good time. —————————— There is a huge poker room at The Venetian. This weekend they had a poker tournament for part of the time, but the rest of the time, the place was jammed. I walked over to see if I could play for a bit but could never get a seat. I was 55th on the waiting list. —————————- Who is worse: Alito or Thomas? —————————- I read that AOC is calling for the impeachment of the three Justices who lied at their confirmation hearings about their positions on Roe v Wade. Lots of people knew they were lying because Trump, McConnell and their conservative colleagues vowed to do so.

I do not condone lying. I hated all three Trump appointments and wrote at the time that we were now in trouble. The death of RBG came at a horrible time.

Having said all this, I still get annoyed at these headline-grabbing, unrealistically-stupid statements calling for impeachment.

Why? Because it is impossible to remove any sitting Justice under these circumstances. AOC might as well demand a cure for all diseases. It is a good idea but impossible so why is she wasting her breadth? To play to her supporters.

I hate all the political posturing on both side Time and effort should be spent on the doable. ———————- I am not looking forward to landing at Miami Airport. It really is a terrible place. Baggage takes an hour if one is lucky. My kids ordered a wheelchair for me because they are afraid the walk is too long. It is my intent to walk. ————————- Marlins finally beat the Mets. Nonetheless, there is no question that the Mets are a better team. ————————— I am probably going to eat breakfast either in the hotel before I leave or at the airport in Las Vegas. The food on American Airlines leaves a lot to be desired. It was bad on Delta as well, but worse than the food was the cleanliness of the plane. ——————————- This week the main things on my agenda are to start back seriously with my trainer and to start seriously focusing on my doing podcasts. ——————————- Do any Republicans think Trump committed one or more crimes and should be prosecuted and then jailed if found guilty? ————————— How does Clarence Thomas go after gay marriages but not interracial marriages? This whole situation is ridiculous. Most countries are broadening their freedoms, and we are going backwards. We are not just going backwards a little. We are in a virtual free fall. ————————- Go Ukraine

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