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Monday, June 20, 2022

Bragging time. Grandson Jaden Fox Miller finished first year at Vassar. Grades: two A’s and two A-’s. That is damn good given the high caliber of the competition and his curriculum, which is very hard.. Yeah Jaden! JFM lives to fight another day.


Marlins finally beat the Mets. A rookie just brought up hit a grand slam home run. I only read about it because all of yesterday was consumed getting ready for our company and then hosting about 30 people at our house.

Saturday night Barbara worked until 1 a.m. and then was up working again a little after 3 a.m. so she literally worked around the clock. Her efforts paid off in the sense that everyone had a really good time and the food was abundant and delicious.

My Aperol Spritzes were a big hit primarily because I made them with Veuve Cliquot rather than proseccco and I squeezed in fresh orange juice.

The man who cancelled out on Barbara changed his mind early Sunday. We had already made the adjustments needed with respect to the food but he came and, with another lady we hired, did a terrific job of helping Barbara.

We had some last minute cancellations due to people not feeling well, including daughter Beth. Barbara always maintains that there will be 10% of cancellations the day of the event.

One person from my office just did not show and an entire family who said they were coming and even specified what food they were preparing simply did not show up. I really could not believe this family, very close to us, really part of our extended family, would be so rude but that is what happened, and this, too, shall pass.

As I often say about Barbara, now true about me “I can forgive and forget but I cannot forget what I forgave”.


If I do not see the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon, I will see his medical assistant to see how the mending of my leg is going. I had just over 4000 steps yesterday about the same as the day before. I wanted to do better, but I had to help my Wife and did not have the time to walk as much as I had intended.


Yesterday I set forth the platform of the Texas Republican Party. Maybe because it was Father’s Day, the country did not seem to be outraged. However, this platform is so outrageous that the Democrats have to really go on the offensive and make sure every American knows about this. It does not help that The New York Times and The Washington Post wrote about it. They are writing to the choir.

These beyond-outrageous positions have to be brought to the attention of every Republican, every Independent,. It needs to be shoved in their face and they have to be asked, “Is this really what you want America to become?”.

Check all this out if you are not already fully familiar with what went on with the Republican Party Convention in Texas. Florida and other States are sure to follow.


I had a very good Father’s Day. I heard profusely from all three children, their spouses, and six out of seven grandchildren. The 7th really had an excuse being very occupied with an important project..


Wednesday I am off to Vegas for a long weekend. Although we prefer winning, of course, we always have a great time. Barbara used to go, but no more --“Been there, done that,” and since she hates gambling, really does not eat or drink, and prefers working, it is the one place I go without her about three times a year. I speak to her many times each day, however.


Stock futures are up a little. Anyone in the market has been slaughtered this year.


We had a really nice visit with our Grandson Ryan. He was delayed in arriving to our gathering, and many of our guests were already gone, eventually all of them. Ryan stayed and his Grandmother and I got to spend some really quality time with him. Ryan is off to college this year -- his orientation is in a couple of weeks. He he 6’7" and handsome as a movie star.


It is 7:35 as I write this. Barbara, understandably, is still sleeping. Her yoga class, which she adores, starts at 8 a.m. I am about to have to make a decision that I prefer not to have to make. Do I let her continue to sleep or do I wake her up and at least let her decide what she wants? That is, generally, the best way to go.

I just woke her up and she is off to yoga. —————————-

I rarely if ever do this, but I want to acknowledge the 72nd wedding anniversary of the parents of my friend Marlene Moses. Marlene is from Chattanooga and a former President of The Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


Yesterday I wrote to my friend Len Blackwell, former President of the Mississippi Bar and one of the few really good guys in a State very downtrodden with really dumb leadership. Len used a phrase, in response to me, that caught my fancy. He said,”You can’t fix delusion and stupid rolled up together”.


Through my posts over the last two years, I have met several really bright people who articulate extremely well what needs to be done to prevent this country from becoming an autocracy. I wish I could bottle their intelligent ideas and get them distributed to the many millions who just do not seem to phantom what is going on.


Something has to happen with Ginni Thomas. That whole situation is ridiculous. Remember the old excuse “The dog ate my homework?”. That is the kind of bullshit we are being fed. ”We need automatic weapons to kill prairie dogs”. “My career is totally separate from my Husband’s." We are being spoken to as if we are all total morons..


One last thought that piqued my interest. Someone pointed out to me that when the 2nd Amendment was passed, there was no such thing as bullets.


Go Ukraine.

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