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Monday, June 12, 2023

Issue: can a Former President actually go to jail? None ever has. My superficial research leads me to conclude that the answer is “yes”. However, what triggered this discussion is that I heard an interview with an alleged legal expert who stated Trump would not go to jail because as a matter of law, as a Former President, he was entitled to Secret Service protection and that this task cannot be delegated to the Bureau of Prisons. That opinion is counter-intuitive to me, but I thought it was worth raising to see what others think.

Reminds me of a old dirty joke that I could never tell anymore, but right before the punchline is “do you want to be the husband or the wife.”


Republicans are continuing to look like clowns making all kinds of stupid threats that they will get to the bottom of the Trump indictment. Some of these people are uneducated fools, but some are lawyers who should know better. Anyone who reads that indictment with even a semi-open mind, knows that Trump is in trouble. Forget that he took the documents. Focus on what he did and did not do after he took them.


Berlusconi died yesterday at 86. Another corrupt leader in many ways. Few Italians did not have an opinion about him.


Met another American couple today who left L.A and moved to Barcelona. If our democracy keeps eroding, if we do not get our act together, more and more will just move away. The white Christian male, heterosexual America so many right wingers embrace is going to end up holding one big pile of manure, and they brought it on themselves.


Uneventful day yesterday. Went for walk with Barbara and switched hotels in Ferrara the last minute because we forgot to determine if there was a bathtub for Barbara and there was not.

Decided, as a birthday treat, all I wanted for dinner last night was gelato and that is all I had for dinner. It is never too late to have a happy childhood.


I am 84 today. Havehad a hell of a run and all but the first 18 years were with Barbara by my side. She has taken extraordinary care of me, and there is no doubt I would have been long gone without her.

There is always someone smarter, richer, faster and thinner, but I cannot think of anyone I would trade places with, and is really cause for celebration.

I made lots of mistakes along the way, but always did the best I could. So, I really do not look back. If I thought about it, I have regrets but I do not think about it. I put regrets and blame in the same basket of useless things.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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Loved post on June12th and the picture was fabulous of you both!B and E

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