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Monday, June 6, 2022

Sunday was personally uneventful. Beth and Walter came to visit before they went to the ballgame and brought me some local gelato just so I would not be too homesick for Florence.


Watched Men’s French Open . Nadal was superlative at age 36. Thought John McEnroe did well in the announcing booth. He is a very bright guy and was smart enough to-lay off his pet peeve about how much time Nadal takes between serves.

McEnroe has seemed to calm down a little. I saw many of his matches around the world. He had a trigger temper but wrists like steel and the best eye and hand coordination, making him the best volleyer I have ever seen, bar none. He was one of the greatest players I ever saw and I saw most of the modern day greats.

In South Orange, where I was brought up, we lived on Wyoming Avenue and it was less than a 15 minute walk from our house to the Orange Lawn Tennis Club which held major tennis tournaments.


At least 54 were injured and 11 killed in 7 separate mass shootings over the weekend. South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and more in Texas.

Nothing I hear is being talked about in Washington has impressed me as meaningful progress.

Remember, you cannot get a beer in Texas until 21. However you only have to be 18 to buy an automatic weapon. How did we get so dumb so fast?

DeSantis is probably huddled off somewhere moping that Florida did not get into the action.


I see an orthopedic surgeon this afternoon to have my leg checked out. I get nervous seeing a new doctor even though Barbara and son Steven will be with me.

Things are sure different here than in Italy when going to see a new doctor. In Italy, you call for an appointment. Service may be free, but if calling to see a private doctor, they may or may not tell you what the charge will be.

In Florida, before I could even get an appointment, the doctor’s office demanded reams of insurance information and the documents supporting that information. This is just to get the appointment. Frankly, I am surprised I did not have to go be finger printed and post a bond before I could get in. Who knows what will be asked of me once I arrive?

One question asked of my assistant, who called on my behalf as I was in Italy, was “Which leg is injured?” It is my left leg, but my question is what would be different if it were my right leg? Maybe there is a sale in June for one side or the other.


I really do not like Elon Musk, but I hear he is not crazy about me either.


DeSantis does not like the Tampa Rays’ position on gun control, so he vetoed funds for their baseball complex. DeSantis is also going after transgender people, making it difficult for doctors to treat them.

DeSantis is one man. All the Republican State Legislators have abdicated their constitutional responsibilities, and the citizens of Florida seem to have their heads up their asses. ————————-

Marlins lost but by more than one run. They could be competitive but are two or three players short.


The Uvalde Police Chief is in hiding. The Lone Star State has become The Lone Brain State. Holy shit!


Granddaughter Kasey got straight A’s. Very good news, and it was sent to me and Barbara. For some reason, yours truly is also known as the “bad news department”.


Go Ukraine

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