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Monday, July 4, 2022

Millions of people travelled over the July 4 holiday despite the high price of gasoline. What does that tell you? It tells me that making a huge political issue out of the price of gas is, at least to some extent, disingenuous. If it is not a red herring, it is a pink herring. Heh, maybe I invented a new term.


In the future, you will no longer see me use the term “wacko” unless I am quoting someone else. Barbara correctly pointed out to me that the correct language is “some or many Republicans”. Actually, these people are not the kind of Republicans I knew growing up. These are people expressing views and doing things I never thought I would hear or see in my lifetime.

We must elect Democrats even if we do not agree with all of their views. I do not consider Sinema and Manchin to be Democrats.


Queries: if Trump were still President, would there still be a Ukraine? Would NATO still exist? How many rounds of golf would he have played if re.elected? If Ivanka were pregnant and her life at stake if she did not have an abortion, what would 45 do?


I keep getting emails “Remove Clarence Thomas”. What I do not receive, because it is impossible, if a viable plan for doing so. I might as well ask others to make me King of England.


I rarely surf channels but Saturday night I was looking at the possibility of watching a movie. It is not often that I find one I really like, but a few minutes before 10 p.m., I had a choice between My Cousin Vinnie and Trading Places. Barbara refused to go out a buy a second television to be working within five minutes. And she keeps reminding me what a great Wife she is. I gave her a pass since I have seen each movie no less than 50 times. They did not start at same time so I coils watch both great final scenes.


Very bad that Abbott has a substantial lead over O’Rourke. Texas is a bad place and I would be happy for Texas to secede. I do not think it is possible.


We have very close friends who live in Perth, Australia, from whom we just received a July 4 greeting. Responding and trying to explain how things were going was one huge embarrassment. I could conjure up very little of which I was proud.


Watched the entire Marlin game. Very exciting win. Two in the 9th and three in the 10th. Down to last strike in the 9th. Yeah!


Trump is giving serious consideration to announcing very soon that he is running in 2024. Maybe he should wait to see if he is in prison.

If I were Hogan, Pence and DeSantis, I would try to steal Trump’s thunder and announce before Trump. Trump always wants the biggest headlines and anything that can be done to deflate his massive ego, I favor. Hate that man and hate what he has done to our Country even more.


Excited about the upcoming hearings. Think we are on the brink of some things that could finally put a whole bunch of people in the clink where they belong.


I speak only for myself. I think I am a real Patriot. I was always proud to be an American and July 4 has always been an important holiday for me. That is not the case this year. I am not celebrating because the Country I have loved my entire life has disappeared. I am sad.


Go Ukraine, and vote like your lives depend on it.

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