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Monday, July 31, 2023

The time between now and the election in November 2024 could be the most interesting period of this length in all of American political history. It is likely that the leading Republican will be Trump, and he will be under indictment or litigating in five separate cases.

Forget, for a moment, the estimated $40 million in legal fees, Trump will be heavily involved in major cases in multiple jurisdictions. Does Trump intend to be physically in court? I cannot see how he can have time to campaign and deal with all his lawyers.


Beth and I saw a terrific baseball game Sunday. Marlins came from four runs behind to beat the Tigers and won the best of three series 2 games to 1. Now the Phillies arrive for what could be the most important four game series of the year.


Urge issue is whether Congress can regulate the Supreme Court. Not being a Constitutional scholar, I will, leave the experts to opine on this. My simplistic opinion is “yes” but do not rely on my view.

However, Justice Alito has written an article or letter to the editor in which he voluntarily opines “no”. How can he have the balls to do that?

If the iasue is litigated, where does the case get decided? I think the answer has to be the Supreme Court. Is Alito going to recuse himself? I doubt it. Can any person or body make him recuse himself? I doubt it.

Maybe we can save time and have the other 8 Justices write similar pieces. Then we can skip all the lower court litigation, briefs and arguments and just rely on what the Wall Street Journal” publishes. Sound like a plan?


Take a look at the credentials of DeSantis’ judicial appointments. Florida’s Constitution permits one to be a judge after five years of being a lawyer. There are few lawyers that I consider competent after only five years. This does not bode well for Florida’s court system. I have spent most of my life either in the courtroom or getting ready to be in the courtroom. Listen to me. Stay out of our courts unless you have absolutely no choice.


Serious sexual hazing in the Big Ten. How many of you would pick the school to be Northwestern? I probably would never have put my law school alma mater in my first nine choices.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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