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Monday, July 24, 2023

I have nothing to say about all the shit going on in our country. Yesterday, all I cared about was the absolute genius of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. I hope none of you missed this show.

Even at 96, Tony knew every lyric, he hit every note, and he did it with a love and appreciation of some the best songs in the Great American Songbook. I was in tears for most of this concert knowing I was watching and listening to the last of the really, really great singers. There is simply no one, not a single person alive with the talent of Tony Bennett.

I have listened to him his entire career. I won all his albums in a radio contest by name the most songs with the name of an American City in the title. Bennett was at the Eden Roc singing “I Left My Heart In San Francisco. Being a lawyer, meaning “loophole” was my middle name, I figured there had to be a gimmick. I went to an Atlas and found a place called “Love”. It was easy from there.

Lady Gaga is great. She summed up Bennett when she called him “legendary”. That really sums up this man in one word. He never succumbed to recording crap just to sell records. There was no schtick when he performed. Out he came with the best songs, great arrangements, fabulous musicians and sang his heart out.

I loved the Marlins game and being with son Steven but I choose not to say anything that would detract from the loss to the musical world due to losing Tony Bennett. The more you listen, the more you will understand his greatness. —————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine

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