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Monday, January 30, 2023

Anyone remember the name John Banner? He is better known as Sgt. Schultz on “Hogan’s Heroes” and famous for the line “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!”. Today I am Schultz because yesterday, our ship’s satellite went down and is still down. Not only could we not watch the football games, we had no ability to know anything about anything.

Occasionally, the Internet would work but not often.

I know the Eagles won easily and the Chiefs squeaked by. I know McCarthy says he will not fiddle with Medicare and Social Security. I know that Trump is still a total schmuck and DeSantis a bigger and much smarter schmuck.


Seabourn did put on a very nice lunch for all the passengers taking the entire cruise. Spent the rest of the day reading mostly Pacific Crucible by Ian Toll. Damn, the Japanese were mean sons of bitches particularly toward the Chinese. It is easy to understand why there is really bad blood between these two countries even now. Not sure that can ever change.


Have our first wine tasting today at 2 p.m. I thought this was pretty funny. Barbara remarked several times that there ought to be a clock in our bedroom. Well, there is one big as day on the wall on her side of the bed but it was blocked by her lamp. The only reason I realized we had a clock was that I saw the lady who cleans our cabin reset it last night due to another one hour time change.


The Super Bowl should be a good game. One interesting side light. I think it is the first time two brothers opposed each other in the Super Bowl. Mrs Kielce should have an interesting day. She is guaranteed a winner.


If it was not obvious before this, it has to be obvious now. There is just not much to say today sailing as I am for several days absolutely in the middle of nowhere. The Pacific Ocean is pretty rough where we are. I try to always hang on to a rail because I just cannot afford to fall. Several people have had falls because our ship has been rocking. I think only Barbara and one other passenger have had the courage to get on a machine in the gym. I sure as hell would not even try

I am doing my about-15 stretching routine everyday in our cabin. Even there, and we are in the middle of the ship, I hang on to something. Nonetheless the rough, really semi-rough seas, are not suppressing appetites. You just have to see these people eat and drink to believe it.

I will give you just a small example. Each night we receive the menus for the next day. If anyone wants anything else, no problem. Whatever you ask for will gladly be made for you. Below are the desserts in the main dining room tonight. As many people as not will have one or more of each.

  • Fudge and chocolate brownie with berry cousins and mascarpone cream.

  • Baked cheesecake mousse with raspberry sauce

  • Chocolate cake sundae with coconut gelato and caramalized pecans

  • Hot dark chocolate soufflé with mint anglaise

  • Crunchy banana fritters with jasmine tea frozen yogurt sorbet


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan (if I do not eat dessert)


Go Ukraine

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