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Monday, January 2, 2023

Want to hear as good a guitarist as ever lived do his thing with a singer? Listen to Les Paul and Bing Crosby do “It’s Been A Long, Long Time”. Why did I start a post with this question? I have no damn idea. My best explanation is that I can be doing “whatever” and all,of a sudden, my musical brain says to me “Jimmy, listen to………." If I can, I do.

I started listening to theatre music, great singers and jazz when I was about 5 years old. More days than not, there was music in our house. My parents almost never missed the Saturday opera broadcast sponsored by Texaco. The rest of the time there was Jolson, Crosby, Garland, Sophie Tucker and Danny Kaye.

I was the only one in my first grade class that could sing “Minnie The Moocher”. Of course, no one else alive but Kaye could sing some of that song. If you listen on YouTube, you will understand what I mean. I also could not yodel. However, after three notes, I can still identify Kaye’s version, which was totally different than Cab Calloway’s. At five, I could also sing “Some of These Days,” including the first verse. I did not discover there even was a second verse until many years later when a new group of recordings by Sophie Tucker ( known as “the last of the red hot mamas”) was discovered.

We also listened to Eddie Cantor, Fanny Brice, Georgie Jessel and other great vaudevillians. Most of them you never heard of, but they were phenomenal entertainers who performed live mostly at The Palace and mostly before I was born. However, I did see Judy Garland and other really talented entertainers.

One huge regret is I could never see Jolson do his famous shows on Sunday nights at the Winter Garden where he performed for hours for all the show business people who were working every night but Sunday. From all accounts, these evenings were the most magical sin the history of Broadway.

In a sense, I am like Miniver Cheevy -- born too late


At least one prominent elected Republican has finally demonstrated the balls to level Trump. Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas has taken the unequivocal position that Trump should be disqualified from ever again holding public office due to his role in the January 6 attack on our Capitol. Will others get on this bandwagon?

If the Republican nomination in 2024 is contested, as it is almost certain to be, the other candidates, really viable or not, are not going to ignore all the things Trump did whether he is indicted or not.


Despite no chocolate Graham crackers or frozen daiquiris, I gained 7 pounds in six days and that is eating and drinking a third of what I ate and drank in my heyday.


The “good news” is Barbara said she has no time to cook, which is accurate and daughter Beth won her fantasy football championship.


Have multiple major loops to close. Trying to finish buying our cars. Try to arrange for house to be tented while we are away and trying to defeat McCarthy.


All I can say about the Dolphins is that it is impossible to succeed in the NFL without a quarterback.


It would be nice if I was told where to go to get on our cruise ship. I am confident I will hear, but still.


Made it back from Marco Island I two hours yesterday. It was an easy drive.


Go Ukraine

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