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Monday, February 6, 2023

Yesterday, I had a very nice conversation with a fellow passenger who served 39 years in the Canadian Navy. His final rank was Commander. We found a lot of common ground because, as, previously mentioned, I am in the midst of reading a three book trilogy about the war in the Pacific and learning a whole lot about our Admirals.

Somehow, our discussion wended its way to the various ways one one in a leadership, position can lead. As with most things, there is not just one right way. Moreover, one way seldom fits all, so a particular form of leadership often has to be modified or even, in some cases, be abandoned.

I recall a story from my youth. My Father, who owned a corrugated box business had a very good salesman, but that salesman’s appearance left a great deal to be desired. He always looked sloppy because he would wear frayed shirts and he would wear the same shirt day and day no matter how wrinkled or dirty it became.

My Father asked me how I would handle the problem. I cannot remember my answer but it could have been “fire him” or ”tell him he looks like a slob” or some other insulting not very nice alternative.

What I do remember and now discern my Father’s wisdom many decades later, is what he did do. My Father went to Nat Lewis, then one of the finest shirt makers in New York City. He bought his salesman six of the finest shirts Nat Lewis sold. These shirts could have costs than this man’s entire wardrobe.

In any event, the salesman was so thrilled with my Father’s gift that he changed everything about his appearance. From that day he got the shirts, he was always immaculately dressed and he took care of these shirts as if they were the Crown Jewels.

There are a lot of lessons one can learn from this story. I will leave it to each individual reader to frame his or her own.


The first segment of our cruise ends tomorrow. We will have traveled 9000 miles in the first month. There are 364 crew members to 323 guests. Tomorrow 50 passengers leave and the same number of new passengers get on.

Last night Seabourn threw a very nice party poolside which they do at the end of each segment. I went without Barbara but did not eat of drink any alcohol. Then, again without Barbara, I joined two English couples for dinner. All around, it was a dry pleasant evening. It would have been better if Barbara had come, but the wine lunch Saturday was all she would handle for the balance of the weekend.

We will be in ports for the next five days but then at sea for the weekend. Hopefully, the satellite will work so we can see the Super Bowl.

Before they announced the winners of trivial pursuit for the first segment, I stood up and announced that on behalf of Marjorie Taylor Greene, I contested the results not yet announced except if my team won which it did not.


Market opened down. As we continue to travel west, the market will be closing as we are getting up.

We are going off the ship early this morning in order to attend the market in Papeete. We will then come back to the ship and go off again about 5 p.m. for some evening festivities Barbara identified.

Passengers who are leaving the cruise here in Papeete have a long way home those returning to places in Western Europe and most other places have to fly first to San Francisco. That is a lot of traveling.


It was really disappointing to read that only 17% of Democrats want Biden to run for a second term. I think he has accomplished a great deal and that he has done so despite almost no cooperation or help from the Republicans. Just think what could be accomplished if we all pulled together.

It seems to me that, so far, all the Republicans have done is spend their time, effort and our money trying to retaliate for real or perceived wrongs. How about actually working to pass helpful legislation. Help resolve the immigration issues instead of working to impeach the guy trying to solve the problems. Hunter Biden just cannot be a priority.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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