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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I am positive that there are unfriendly Aussies, but after three days of being in Australia, we have not met any. Yesterday, we had another great lunch off the ship. Barbara and I each had a great bruschetta and then shared a fish soup as good as I have ever eaten. I also had two schooners of a really delicious local beer brewed in Airlie Beach.

By the way, there were some unbelievable yachts in this place. Quite a surprise.

We have had to tender at many ports but yesterday we were a 30 minutes tender ride from where anchored into the town.

One thing that amazed me is that the last two days we spent in places I had never heard of. Two days ago our very fine server was from Nepal. Yesterday, the young lady who waited on us was from Manchester, England. Both of these people have settled down in this very small places in Australia. How in the world do these things happen?

These young people just decide to pick up their roots and start traveling the world. When they find a place that just strikes them, they stay. Some stay for the rest of their lives, and some stay until their wanderlust strikes again.

After getting back to the ship Seabourn had a British party. It was great fun with great music, and if one was willing to eat fish and chips and pot pie, I am sure the food was great. In fact I know, because I had one chip and one bite of the fish and pie. Drank almost the whole New Castle, however.

Now we have two sea days before docking on a small island very close to our next port which is Brisbane, a major city with over two million people. Since political unrest prevented us from docking in Lima if Panama City is omitted, Brisbane could have more people than

we have encountered cumulatively since our cruise began almost two months ago.


I watched Fox News for a while before we got off the ship. If there was any coverage of the litigation that could put them out of business,I missed it. However, as a lawyer, I think that is the right move. Fox is in a lose/lose situation whatever they say or do not say.


Not sure if there is poker today. There is trivial pursuit.


At least I did not lose in the stock market yesterday. The last couple of days have not been fun..


Passengers are booking multiple cruises. Some already have seven cruises booked through 2025. We are not even buying green bananas.


We are, however, doing very well together.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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