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Monday, February 13, 2023

We have now crossed the International Datelines and have skipped Monday February 13. It is now Valentine’s Day February 14.

The ship had a very nice Super Bowl party, and, of course, we saw a great game. My sense is that there were more Eagles fans at the party, many diehard fans so there were many unhappy campers after the game.

I think the crew was surprised that not just the American passengers were interested in attending the party and seeing the game. They seemed quite pleased with how things went.

Seabourn had a complete open bar and typical but good super bowl party food. Hamburgers and hot dogs , Philly steak cheese sandwiches for Eagles fans and pulled pork sandwiches for Chiefs fans. I did not want to tell them that the barbecue in Kansas City is brisket, like Texas. There were fancy cakes for each team and lots of decorations. Seabourn tried very hard to do a great job and succeeded.

Many of the crew participated, and they are really all terrific. Still, in my view, the glue that keeps this crew doing so well is due to the extraordinary skills of Luca who is the General Manager. He is really hands on, even making risotto at a party and he has build as esprit de corps amongst the crews that is superlative.

In yesterday’s trivial pursuit game, they finally asked some of the right questions so I could tell my team, with certainty, who coined the phrase “and the ladies who lunch” and the show with the character Adelaide. Most teams answered Dorothy Parker for the first and only one other team knew Sondheim.

Not only was I able to tell my team “Guys and Dolls”, I sang them almost all of “Adelaide’s Lament” which I memorized when I saw Vivian Blaine originate the role when I was a kid yeah Jimmy!

The wine tasting on Saturday was disappointing, but not as bad as some opined. There was one Spanish red wine that was at least two years from being ready to drink. The others were fine—-Flanagan Chardonnay, Flower Bottle and Ornnellaia which is a great Super Tuscan.


There are no Whitman’s Samplers on board so Barbara is safe. That is what I gave her in 1962 the first Valentine’s Day after we were married. She practically threw them back at me and said, really screamed, “never give me that again”. My Mother, whom many of you know I adored, loved Whitman’s Samplers so I was heartbroken. I knew from Day 1 that I was going to be married to Barbara for my entire life, but that day I thought to myself “maybe we have to move to North Dakota just to make my life perfectly miserable.

Anyway, there were no more Whitman Samplers until about 30 years later when I gave her another one. The note said “maybe you will like this one better” and taped on the inside cover was a diamond bracelet.


A reader asked my opinion of the Super Bowl. I said above it was a great game, but I can expand some. These were, perhaps with the 49’s, the best teams this year. The weather was not a factor which I think is important when a championship is on the line.

Both teams have exceptional quarterbacks and great players around them. Andy Reid is the much more experienced coach and maybe had an edge, but the much younger Eagles coach did fine except his teams second half effort was not close to their first half effort. I was surprised Reid won the coin toss and deferred, but that decision turned out to work.


Here is a hot tip for those taking a long cruise. Either make sure anything requiring batteries that you bring has new batteries or make sure to bring replacement. My watch battery went so I have no watch and the scale we brought is now low and about to go.


Why is it news on Google when Tom Brady’s Ex-Wife takes their kids for a bike ride?

Query: is that less or more important that Rihanna is pregnant?


I turned on the television as I am finishing this post. It is a little after 8 am and I am about to order breakfast. The stock market closes in less than an hour.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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