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Monday, December 26, 2022

What has happened to our humanity? Governor Abbott of Texas has shipped about 140 migrants and dumped them in the freezing cold on Vice -President Harris’ lawn. The “good news” is that Harris, with all her influence, is in a great position to help these people.

Moreover, once these people are properly clothed and fed, they are actually better off having been shipped off to places like Washington or Chicago. In my opinion, however, the test is not just all’s well that ends well if what happens until the end is not reasonable.

Some of the migrants were children and did not even have shoes. Further, there was no coordination with the people in Washington. I label it a “dumping”. Not everyone does.

The “bad news” and it is really bad, is that millions of Texans and other “Americans” just love what I regard as absolute cruelty. Maybe we were always evil and I just missed it but I don’t think so. I think our morality has deteriorated to an abysmal level. Shame, shame, shame. Millions of people think what is going on is just fine. Washington is to blame for not getting the job done so here take these people who were dropped off wearing T shirts in 18 degree weather . The fact that they now have warm clothes is good but not enough. Tis the season to be jolly…….

P.S. I rarely do this but I ask my readers to offer their opinion as to what you think about these migrants being bussed to Washington and left off in the manner they were. I am not looking for macro views on the immigration problem. Perhaps, just answer this question: Was what occurred the way it should have been handled?

I am disturbed because someone I know of very high intelligence had no problem at all with this and I have a lot of trouble.


Lake has announced she will appeal. Another sore loser who is hard to get rid of than a venereal disease.


Our Boies/Miller 35th annual Christmas trip begins today. Barbara and I cannot leave until 3 p.m. because Barbara has something to do here. I would have preferred to leave earlier, but she wanted to stay more than I wanted to leave, and that is the way we do things and why we will be married 62 years in March. It is going to get a little hairier on the issue of when we return.


I will not lose more money in the market today. It is closed.


Just learned that some of the people on our Xmas trip had their flights canceled and cannot get another flight until January 3. That is ridiculous. I know this snowstorm was unusually bad and that air travel is expected to be adversely affected. I do think, however, that the airlines and airports can be better prepared than they seem to be. Heavy snow cannot be a complete surprise.


The more I observe, the less I like Kevin McCarthy.


A lot to do so I have to sign off.


Go Ukraine

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