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Monday, August 8, 2022

Biden had a better day than I did yesterday although the day ended with a great dinner at Gene and Georgetti’s, one of my favorite restaurants, with Cary Mogerman from our baseball group and my good friend Tom Hawkins.

Yes, we were supposed to be in Kansas City at a baseball game and then have barbecue at Stacks with our friend Grace Albano, but it was not to be. And my concern about sitting out in almost 100 degree weather also disappeared

How did this happen? We boarded our American Airlines flight scheduled to depart at 8:25 a.m. for Kansas City. We could not take off due to weather. After sitting on the runway for two hours, we were taken back to the gate and advised, “Sorry, cancelled”. To say there was bedlam is an understatement I figured out quickly I was not getting to Kansas City. American ultimately rerouted me there on Tuesday afternoon to give you an idea how screwed up they are.

I immediately called my travel agent and learned I could not get back to Florida until this morning, so my options were zero. I got back into my hotel in Chicago, actually the same room I had just vacated and then after cancelled the hotel in Kansas City, cancelling the flights home from there, the real fun began. I had to retrieve my checked luggage. That took three damn hours and I was luckier than some others.

Many flights were cancelled. The airport was in chaos. Many stranded looked into driving but no cars were available to rent. Sucherman got lucky and got back to San Francisco. I think Snyder may have gotten on a red eye to Newark. Gold stayed in Chicago to be with grandchildren, and Mogerman and I came back to our hotel.

Th good news is the Marlins finally beat the Cubs.

Back to dinner. The restaurant cooks everything to order and was happy to cook anything we wanted without salt. The prices are still more than fair and there is are many good reasons why this old time Chicago Italian steakhouse has been thriving since 1941.


When I got up this morning, I had the opportunity to hear some excerpts from the CPAC meeting including Cruz, Bannon and Trump. One is scarier than the next.


Just heard that more than 1300 flights were cancelled on Sunday and many more delayed for many many hours.


Understand that more than 300,000 signatures needed were obtained to put the abortion issue on the ballot in Michigan. Illinois is also very Pro Choice so people in backwards Indiana will not have far to go.


I was only able to briefly review the Republicans’ objections to unanimously oppose the Inflation Reduction Act. Someone has to tell me what I am missing, because almost nothing they claim seems to make sense. It may simply come down to the fact that the Republicans will do nothing that makes Biden be effective. Sometimes the Republicans just have no choice.


Keep your fingers crossed I get home today.

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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