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Monday, August 28, 2023

Dreams do not have an expiration date.


When old people say “enjoy them while you’re young" they are not talking about their kids. They are talking about their legs, hips and backs.


Went to Marlin game with son in law Walter. We finally won one but scored only two runs. Basically, the whole team is in a hitting slump.


Why isn’t DeSantis in Jacksonville?


Big day today in legal political world the Meadows trial on his motion to remove could take a long time. However long it takes, I doubt there will be a decision for some time.

In Washington, we may get a decision setting the case for trial. It will be in 2026. Most probably March-April to begin picking a jury.

I still not see any recognition from Trump’s lawyers as to the conundrum they face by virtue of some defendants asking for a speedy trial. Whether or not Trump’s motion to Sever is granted, he is screwed.


That 14th Amendment issue that would prevent Trump from being on the ball is far from over. Cases will be sprouting up all over the Country.


Think about this: Trump’s legal team wants to move the trials because the trials will interfere with the election. In the vernacular “ so f—-g what”. No other litigant charged with a crime, let alone something like 91 crimes and really serious ones, gets a pass for any reason. Trump must be treated like any other person, and the fact that is inconvenient is totally irrelevant.

Virtually every Republican is making a total ass out of himself or herself. They all know better, but that does not matter Time to get rid of these jerks at the ballot box


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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