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Monday, April 4, 2022

Read a headline that said “Biden believes Trump should be prosecuted for January 6 riot”. I would certainly hope that is what Biden and every American should think. I, personally, think Trump is guilty of multiple acts of treason. If I had the power to do so, I would strip away every benefit he receives as a Former President.

Also, I do not think I am the only one getting frustrated with our Attorney General. I understand the importance of being deliberate and not acting hastily. Still, if I had my druthers, (thank you Johnny Mercer), I would light a big bonfire under Garland and scream “MOVE IT!”.


I was reading an article about Russia. What struck me about what is going on in Russia is almost the same thing that is going on in our Country. The language that caught my eye follows, some where indicated, quoted, some modified..

“The problem is that there are many Russians who cannot admit our mistakes, cannot realize we are trapped in a nightmare. It’s much easier to watch TV and absorb……..propaganda. IT’S EASIER NOT TO THINK”.

The article went on to describe that there were millions of poor unsophisticated people who work hard all day, come home exhausted and what they hear on television is their only source of information.

I cannot think of many scarier things than millions of Americans who only know what the Tucker Carlson’s of the world tell them is what is right. No wonder our entire democracy is going down the toilet. Trump and the Fox News people really do not believe in democracy. They believe in autocracy.

Things are very bad and getting worse. The bad guys are better organized than the good guys and are far better at being bad than the good guys are at being good.


Yesterday, our day in Arezzo, my first day really doing anything in over two weeks, went far better than expected. I had over 6000 steps and was able to sit the entire two hour plus lunch. Took one sip of wine and knew I still could not drink, and I came home exhausted but fine. Have lost over 13 pounds since I arrived March 20. Two of my entire meals consisted of excellent gelato from the gelateria right next door to our apartment.

Arezzo is very nice place. I was asked about where we had lunch. The name is Logge Vassari. I recommend it highly. Both Stefano and I had the poached egg first. It is a unique dish and even if it does not sound like something you would like, be adventurous. fi nothing else, spring for the additional euros 14 and order one for the table.

Stef then had filet and I I had an excellent tagliata—sliced steak. I brought my own No Salt so my food was very tasty and I did not overdo the sodium. Barbara had artichoke and then duck. Luca had typical Italian meats and then grilled rabbit. Rabbit is very popular in Italy, often served deep-fried.

The goods for sale were of very high quality. Stefano bought a very good print. I almost bought a porcelain fox but was way too tired by the end of the day to go back. I lost my wallet with all my credit cards but it was found under a napkin in the restaurant and is being sent to me. How lucky is that?

I almost told the joke about the husband who had his credit cards stolen but did not report them missing because the thief was spending less than his wife. Not only do most all wives hate that joke, but it is not relevant on this trip. The only two times we spent anything on a credit card in over two weeks was brunch March 20 and lunch yesterday. Do not worry American Express. I am confident things are about to pick up.


If you are in New York on April 11, go see my good and very talented friend Daryl Sherman at Birdland. If you mention my name to her, you will still be allowed to see the show.


I do not think I am alone, but if I am, I am. I think it is time to enact every possible sanction against Russia. Bite the bullet and stop buying their fuel. Don’t want to put U.S boots on the ground? Then at least get Ukraine all the planes and whatever else they need to put up their best fight! Putin is not reasonable. There is a huge difference between a settlement and a surrender. Putin will only accept surrender.

Go Ukraine

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