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Monday, April 25, 2022

I had most of my post completed when I encountered a technical glitch and lost everything.


Macron won in France, which is good. However, scary his opponent got about 42% of vote. Turnout was sparse.


Marlins almost gave game away in 9th. They were ahead 5 to 1 and just hung on to win 5 to 4. Still great to win two out of three against Braves on the road. The Marlins never matched up well with the Braves in the Freddie Freeman era. I think he hit close to 400 against the Marlins.


Brunch was great at Four Seasons. Just Mike, Jalayne and I went. Barbara really did not want to go, and, although I wanted her to, I was in a lose-lose situation, so I deferred, and i did it with a smile.

After brunch, Mike went back to the apartment. Jalayne and I met Barbara at Avery, a good French market. Unfortunately, it was raining very hard and we all three got drenched. Managed to get to our favorite bar, the Rooster, but took a taxi home. Still, I got close to 9000 steps and I am walking much better.


Think there will be some visits to museums this week. My best guess is that Mike and I will choose to take a pass. I have agreed, with a smile, to go to Lucca on May 7 to see a Caravaggio exhibit, but that is what it takes.

I really do not care if I never go into another church, mosque, or historical synagogue, and I have no interest in seeing where someone famous slept.


I am getting to the point where I hope our stock market does not open. I see nothing good happening in the foreseeable future.


Maybe I was hoping for some kind of miracle yesterday when our Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense went to Ukraine, but unless i missed something, nothing really remarkable happened.


Go Ukraine

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