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Monday, April 18, 2022

Easter brunch at Four Seasons was great fun because we had a very nice time with our friends Madeleine and Don Leone. They are Americans who have lived all over the world but now reside full time in Florence. Both speak Italian fluently, They have been to the brunch on other occasions, but now have decided they really like it, and I think they will attend quite frequently. Barbara and I both thought the food was not nearly as good as in prior weeks but we are really just talking about degrees of terrific.

Got in about 8000 steps but I was far stronger on Sunday than I have been for a long time. There is a saying at the racetrack “weight can stop a freight train” and I think it helps that I am toting around over 15 fewer pounds. However, yesterday was a very, very bad day for me on the scale.


Maybe it is just I, but more times than not, when someone begins “to make a long story short”, the story is long.


I am not surprised, but can you imagine Tucker Carlson’s donating to the campaign of MTG. That has to violate every ”journalistic ethic” on the books although, apparently, there is no such thing at least on Fox News.


Yesterday was my beloved baby sister’s birthday. She is four years younger than I, and since I left home for school at age 14, when she was 10, we really never got to know each other until I had already met Barbara. Barbara would stay with Patsy when she visited my parents’ home in South Orange. One day Pat said to her, “Are you going to marry my Brother or not?”. We got married


Marlin won 11 to 3. Winning 3 out of 4 from Phillies good. Actually scoring some runs really good.


There is an old joke that goes “I have read so much about drinking and driving, that I have given up reading”. Everything I am reading about our Country is leading me to think I have to give up reading. My crystal ball is broken, but my brain still functions and what I am thinking will happen beginning in November is a total disaster for those who value our Democracy.

For those of you who are anti-gay, anti-choice White Supremacists who think we should be a white Christian country, close our borders and not take care of the needy, do anything it takes to win, even throwing the rule of law out the window, halcyon days are coming.

Frankly, I have no idea how to stem the tide. At this stage of our lives, with three children and seven grandchildren and way too much “stuff”, it is really too late to make a new life in Italy. I literally can make myself sick thinking about the fact that everything I thought was great about the United States is going down the tube.


Today, I cannot eat very much and need to get ready for our friends the Wheatleys who arrive tomorrow.


Go Ukraine.

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