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Monday, April 17, 2023

Yesterday was my baby sister’s 80th birthday. We are the only two in our family to reach 80. How lucky we are. Happy birthday Patsy. Her real name is Louise but no one ever call her anything but Pat or Patsy. We do not see each other as often as we should but we are extremely close and really adore each other.


Now we have four sea days and, then, we are off on a second safari leaving from Durban and returning to meet the ship in Capetown. This is a trip booked through Seabourn so we do not have to worry if flights are late. However, yesterday we had a close call. Our flight from Kilimanjaro Airport was delayed and we were not sure we would make it back without going to extreme and expensive measures. However, we did make it. Although I often write that perfection is an aspirational goal, this three nights and four days were damn close to perfect.


Norman Kent died while we were away. He was a great person and will be missed by many. Maybe now we will find out for sure if there is baseball in heaven. I think there is and I would prefer not to be pitching anytime soon.


Somewhere in our history, but not in my lifetime, there has been a Supreme Court Justice less competent, less ethical, more corrupt, and, overall, less deserving to be a Justice than Clarence Thomas. However, I am not sure. He has brought this once revered Court to its lowest ebb in modern times, and it is more than time that he leave.


Several more mass murders in the last few days. That is outrageous.

Even worse is that the Republicans are pandering to the NRA and promoting even more lax gun control.

In a sense, I should be celebrating. A huge majority of Americans want tighter gun controls so I think the Republicans are putting a noose around their own necks. Gun control and abortion, alone should be enough to guarantee a Democratic landslide in 2024.

However, I am an American before I am a Democrat. I believe in the two party system and in checks and balance. I do not want a government so dysfunctional and so selfish so as to ignore their constituents, the will of the people that they just vote to promote their own interests. We may have no choice but to go to term limits. Twelve years and out. Stagger both houses by having one third run every four years so that there is some continuity. Some of our elected official are not close to competent. Their biggest asset is their electability. A smart 17 year old is more competent than some of these people in Washington, and that does not take into account the true lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene. That is one scary woman. Sane Republican is fast becoming an oxymoron.


Travel on our own went fine until we landed at the airport in da Salaam to get back to the ship. The car that picked us up was not authorized to enter the port. Then, they put us in a car that was allegedly so authorized, but they would not let that car in either. Finally a shuttle came and got us and our bags.


Query: Do the Republicans really think they are helping out their buddy Trump by going after the New York District Attorney?


Not surprised Fox News and Dominion appear to be in settlement discussions. I, for one, prefer a trial, because Fox will survive if it settles. They might survive a trial, but they might not. They do not deserve to stay on the air.

Remember there are many who think what Fox puts on the air is what is really going on. April fools —————————

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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