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Monday, April 10, 2023

Yesterday was our first of two days in the Seychelles. This was a place we have never been, heard wonderful things about, and were very excited, if one can be excited at our age, to be there. Barbara needed to go shopping for some things, we were looking forward to the fusion-type food and seeing the beautiful sights.

So, after saying our farewells to our terrific cruise manager Luca who is now on his way back to his Wife and four children in Umbria, off we went. We were back in an hour.

Not a single store, including the famous market, was even open. Seabourn’s destinations department either did not know or knew and failed to tell us that yesterday was a bank holiday. No restaurants were open. In about a 45 minute walk, we did not see 45 people. Although it was not hot, it was so humid that I was dripping wet.

One of our passengers wanted to go to services at a Catholic Church. The Church was also closed.

Had the stores been open, I did not see one worth going into—-not one. it may be a nice place to honeymoon but been there done that 62 plus years ago. There was nothing about the place that I liked. We have a short stop in another place today and I do not intend to even get off the ship.

Many of you know that I take a bunch of pills. One is a water pill and there are times I need to find a restroom several times in a very short period. That is why I wrote a few weeks ago that now “one for the road” means going to the restroom before leaving. I went just before we got off the ship which was a good thing because, get this, there was not a bathroom available once we got off the ship. I mean NOT ONE. Yes, folks our much look forward to visit to the Seychelles was to a port without a bathroom.

Once, and this is a true story, I was one a plane from Phoenix to Portland. The flight attendant announced as we took off that the one bathroom on the flight was out of order. However, to compensate us everyone on board would be given free drinks. I cannot make this shit up.

So we came back to the ship and just hung out. Barbara mostly exercised. I had lunch with friends, dinner in the cabin and that is our first day in the exotic

, a total waste as far as I am concerned.


Several more killed in a Louisville, Kentucky shooting. Victims did not include Rand Paul. McConnell is presently not on my top 15


Query: who gains from open carry in Florida? Even following the money, I cannot figure it out.

Bet you fewer people will honk their horns. ——————————

John Elway has announced he is stepping away from pro football. He was an outstanding player, but I never liked him and I am not unhappy for him not to be around,


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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