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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Pay attention here because I really want full responses on this issue. Last night we had around 30 people at our house for Christmas Eve Dinner. With the exception of children aged 7 and 4, every guest was fully vaccinated and boosted.

I had hired two servers to assist. When they arrived at our house, we learned that one of the servers was not vaccinated and we asked him to leave. During the evening, I told this to one of our guests and his opinion, quite a strong one, was that I made a mistake and that we were better off having unvaccinated servers than vaccinated ones. I disagreed.

Please state your views. Would you have sent the unvaccinated server away? Why or why not?


The dinner went very well in terms of food and drink. There are enough leftovers to feed Somalia. We were blessed with great weather so many guests sat outside by our pool. Barbara, not surprisingly, did an amazing job. She says it will take weeks to get the house back into shape. Why at our age, she still wants to take on these kinds of tasks is something of a mystery, but she does. Each of our three children helped set up and provided some delicious food, but no one stayed at the end to help cleanup. Guests began to arrive a little before 5:30 and everyone left by about 9. I went upstairs about 11:30. Barbara and the one vaccinated server were still working. My best estimate is that Barbara worked from 5 am until after midnight. Pretty good stamina for a 50 year old. Opps, she is not 50.

Having all seven grandchildren is a special thing. Watching them grow up is a thrill. I wonders whether having to raise their own children has given our children a different perspective on what kind of parents Barbara and I were.


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas. I wish many more of the people in our Country could conduct their lives consistent with the principles which Christmas represents but that is far from the case.

Sometimes the hypocrisy just gets to me. For example, I watch people cheer in airports as members of the military walk by. At sporting events, when soldiers, many just returned home as war heroes are cheered. Everyone stands with tears in their eyes to show their gratitude. Many of those cheering support political candidates that have voted against Veteran’s rights. They support candidates who are trying to destroy the Democracy these soldiers have fought to protect. It really makes me sick.


The annual Boies/Miller Christmas trip begins tomorrow. The two families have made this trip for 32 or 33 straight years. We are returning to the Marriott in Marco Island rather than leaving the Country which we did until last year due to Covid.

We have many Covid safeguards in place. Hopefully, everyone will return healthy and having had a good time.


While getting ready for our dinner yesterday, I asked Alexa to “play Willie Nelson”. We listened for about five hours just to Willie and loved just about everything he did.

We have three Alexas. One is downstairs in our family room. One is in the gym and one in our bedroom. It is really amazing how much musical enjoyment is available just by asking Alexa to play whomever. Of course, one can also ask for a specific song by a specific artist.


Whatever you do today, have a good time and act responsibly.

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