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March 11, 2022

"The trouble with the rat race, even if you win , is that you are still a rat."

-- Lily Tomlin thorough Dan Cohen. ———————————— Just asking for a friend: The Pentagon has rejected Poland’s high risk plan to get fighter jets to Ukraine. The United States is afraid that, by doing so, we greatly enhance the chances of war, maybe a nuclear war, with Russia. What my friend wants to know is whether Poland is willing to take the same risk that we are not? ——————————— Finally, the baseball strike is over. What is really good for the fans is that they will a full season played by adding a few days at the end of the season and playing some doubleheaders.

What I do not know is if the doubleheaders will be one admission or two admissions, day and night games or one game after the other.

As a kid, living in Yankee Stadium and loving Hygrades ballpark hotdogs with great mustard which could have been Gulden’s, I would eat a hot dog an inning, but never made it through an entire doubleheader. I was nowhere near Coney Island hot dog eating contest form, but I was not bad. ———————————— Large yachts are legally required to have on their A15 tracker which sends a signal of their whereabouts. It should come as no surprise, but a least one Russian Oligarch’s super yacht has just totally disappeared. The authorities think the yacht is somewhere on the Indian Ocean.

They can run but it is really going to be hard to hide. How will they refuel? At some point, they are going to want to renew their various insurances and undergo maintenance. I think they have to eventually show up someplace. My bet is a lot of cash will change hands to keep everything under wraps. ————————————— I have never had the displeasure, but, apparently American Airlines is serving what they call a pastrami sandwich which is a contender for the world’s worse sandwich. The man who wrote about it refused to eat it and the lady next to him with her dog refused to feed it to her dog. I try to live by the rule that I do not let restaurants fly me or airlines feed me. It is a rule that should be followed. Bring food from home or buy something at the airport at admittedly highly inflated prices but anything is better than relying on the airline’s food.

The thing is that the airline might also have an edible salad. However, it is a total crapshoot as to whether there will be any left by the time your order is taken. ————————— Really bad day in the market yesterday. Looks better today, ———————— Will Russia use chemical weapons? I would not be surprised. ———————— Root for Ukraine and have a nice day.

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I love the story of a hot dog an inning!

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