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Thursday, December 20, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Thursday, December 30, 2021

There are certainly a lot of football games on television, but until tomorrow, I really have very little interest in either the teams playing or the players playing. I would not be surprised to tune in and see that East Somalia is playing West Somalia


It is very good that Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on all but one charge. She vows to appeal which, of course, is both her right and a waste of time. In the meantime, I doubt bail is a possibility, so she will continue to be incarcerated.

With all that is going on clogging our court system, I do not think that being a judge is nearly as rewarding as it used to be. I also think that, with lawyers taking cases that have little or no merit, the legal profession has lost a good deal of stature.


A very good dinner last night. Marriott has a first-rate steakhouse. It is really much better than many steakhouses with really big reputations.


Not sure why this thought struck me at this particular time, maybe because I just talked about steakhouses, but I miss Chicago. Have not been there for a couple of years. I still have some good friends there, and even though I can no longer eat the pizza or the Vienna hot dogs, the food is great. Of course, there is Wrigley Field and that is all that needs to be said.


Been on the treadmill the last three days. First time in months and I did okay. I have been using our elliptical at home because easier on my bad toe but got a lot of relief when last saw the podiatrist and I see him again January 10. Not going very fast but I like that I can walk half an hour without having to stop. Barbara can walk 18 hours at a 7% incline without stopping

Have a nice day.

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