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Friday, December 31, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Friday, December 31, 2021

A bank in the U.K. overpaid its customers by some $175 million. There was a time in the world when people would turn in a lost purse or wallet with all the money in it, but now of that number I would be surprised if 50% of the money is recovered.


I have had a lot of frozen daiquiris in my lifetime. It has been closed now for many years, but there was a Mexican Cantina in Florence that made the best chips, sangria and frozen daiquiris. Our guests would rate their visits with us a 10 but would rate the cantina an 11. Last night David and I had frozen strawberry daiquiris that were as good as any we had ever consumed.


I would be amazed if many of our group did not test positive for Covid. Fortunately, we are all double vaccinated and boosted.


I have no idea why but all morning I heard in my head Madeleine Kahn singing “You’d Be Surprised”. The human mind works in mysterious ways.


Earlier this morning the housekeeper who takes care of our hotel accommodation came in to clean while we still in the room. We started talking to her. This lady works six days a week at the resort and, then, at least 5 nights a week at a hospital. She estimated that her work week was no less than 84 hours a week

I asked her if she has to share any tips left in the room and she did not. I always leave tips for the housekeepers but, generally, nothing more than $5 or $10 a day. I gave this lady $100 and her reaction was worth thousands.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I judge the character of most people by how much they give to charity. I probably should have given her more. She could not have been more upbeat despite how hard and long she has to work. It was a good reminder of how lucky many of us are and how so many have to struggle just to get by.


Harbaugh has not called me to suit up for Georgia but I have my cell phone in case he should call. Remember the New York lawyer who calls his old Jewish Mother in Miami Beach and asks her how she is doing. She responds “Not so good, son. I have not eaten in 28 days”. “Why?” says the son, to which his mother replies, “I didn’t want to have my mouth full in case you should call”.

Happy New Year

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