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Germany Delivers Big Time For Ukraine

Very great news if, as you all should, you are rooting for Ukraine. This is not just rooting for David against Goliath. This is rooting for good over evil, democracy over autocracy, and right over wrong.

Germany's new Chancellor Olaf Scholz said it very articulately:

"The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point in history. it threatens our entire post-war order......In this situation, it is our duty to support Ukraine to the best of our ability in its defense against Vladimir Putin's invading army......{Germany} stands closely by Ukraine's side".

This is a major shift of German policy which banned weapons being exported to conflict zones. Get a load of this laundry list of goodies going from Germany to Ukraine:

  1. 1000 anti-tank weapons and 500 "Stinger: class surface-to-air missiles.

2. 400 anti-tank launchers via the Netherlands

3. 14 armoured vehicles.

4. Up to 10,000 tonnes of fuel through Poland.

As Mel Allen used to say "how about that, folks!".

Additionally, and this is really important, maybe equally as important Germany is working to try to limit Moscow's access to the SWIFT interbank system. i am no expert on banking, but i do know that if all the NATO countries do the same thing, Russia's economy could take a crippling blow. Now the United States, Canada and the European Union have joined in. That includes France, Italy and Great Britain among others. Limiting Russia's access to SWIFT can strike a severe economic blow to Russia. So far, they have left the Russian Central Bank alone. i want that to happen very soon.

This is all a stunning reversal. As i understand it, Germany's original intent was to send 5000 helmets which sparked a lot of anger and mockery. No one can know what Putin is thinking, but i would not be surprised if he were very surprised at how NATO is lining up against him. Even many Russians are very much against what he has done.

i heard one pundit say that he thought Putin was risk adverse. You could sure fool me. i do not know the weather in that part of the world but i think a huge snowstorm might be useful. The weather helped do Hitler in, and may the Gods will be on the side of the Ukraine and help this defeat this madman. Also, because victory did not come immediately as expected, Russia could have fuel issues.

i do not know about you, but i find the spirit of the Ukrainians to be inspirational. i wish we Americans could have the same feelings for our democracy as they have for their fledgling democracy. Flags of the Ukraine are appearing all of the world including in the United States.

Whatever happens, and it is too early to tell, Ukraine is putting up fierce resistance, and Putin's hopes for a quick victory seem to be evaporating. Putin is facing growing and unexpected, I think, international isolation. it appears that Russia's president was deserted by his key ally, China. i do not know the details. He also has not received the support he expected from Hungary and Czechoslavakia.

Things are not going the way Putin imagined, and the momentum against him is growing. Both Poland and Sweden are refusing to play Russia in upcoming World Cup matches. One might think that is no big deal, but living in Europe (Florence, Italy) several months a year for several years, i can tell you it is a huge deal. Millions of people outside the United States live and breathe what they call football and we call soccer. More Russians than you can imagine will be outraged which is good. The less popular the war, the more pressure there will be on Putin. i do not see another Russian Revolution on the horizon just yet, but who knows?

i do know that Russia's ultimatum demanding Kyiv's surrender was defiantly brushed aside by Zelenskiy. He is doing a great job of leading his country. Remember, he was an actor and he is playing his present role very well.

Not only has Putin underestimated the reaction of the NATO countries and other countries in the world, I think many Republicans in our country made the same mistake. Again, i see the momentum for Ukraine and against Russia growing by leaps and bounds, not just in other countries but in the United States as well. it is, hopefully for this Democrat, going to grow increasingly unpopular to have sided with Russia or to have said anything good about Putin who is really a war criminal.

One very unique thing about all of this is that people around the world are watching this war in real time. They are seeing, with their own eyes people being killed, being displaced and everything people own being destroyed.

In previous wars, the news brought us a report about what was occurring in a very summary form. This time, for the first time, everyone can see everything, and it ain't pretty. There is no way Russia can come off as the "good guy". Russia's attack on Ukraine was totally unprovoked, and the vast majority of the world does not like it. Remember, it happened to Ukraine, it could happen to them next, and most countries do not have the resources that Ukraine does. A world where disputes are settled on the battlefield rather than at the negotiating table is not a world most countries can handle.

i have said it before and, unfortunately, been wrong that whatever outrageous thing the Republicans said or did will be the last straw, the final nail in their coffin, but this time i may be right. To say anything good about Putin or what he has done proves beyond any doubt that the person is without a heart and soul, and really does not care about democracy. We once were a country with a great heart and soul and a great democracy. Maybe the Ukraine, of all countries will help us return to what we were.

Stay tuned everyone.

Sunday February 27, 2022

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