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Friday, September 8, 2023

Trump says he will “absolutely” testify in his own defense. Want to bet? I think there is zero chance Trump will testify.


Peter Navarro was found guilty. Neither he nor his counsel said a word in the courtroom where he would be under oath. Navarro was very verbose outside the courtroom where he was not under oath. Listening to him is about the same as standing in front of the monkey cage at the zoo and listening to the monkeys chatter. All this could not happen to a nicer guy who says he is willing to go to prison. ————————-

In the meantime, Willis wrote a blistering nine page letter to Jim Jordan essentially calling him a legal moron and telling him to mind his own business. I loved the letter, but his I were Willis’ mentor, I might advise her too cool it a little. As a general rule, calling people names, even if accurate, may unnecessarily burn bridges.


Why cannot the Republicans understand that virtually every witness against Trump is a Republican. No way can Biden or the Democrats be blamed for multiple indictment coming out of Grand Juries.


Keep your eye on Wisconsin. The Republicans are trying to impeach the new Democratic Justice of their Supreme Court. She won by ten points and has done nothing wrong.


I heard an interview with Senator Tuberville. What in the world were the people in Alabama thinking? He was opining that we already had two many Generals. Give me a f—-g break. The man was a football coach—-that is it.

Time to move all our military bases out of Alabama. This Senator has put our Country in peril. Moreover, the ripple effect on military families is devastating. Everyone in a while, there is no solution but to play hardball and it is time to inflict a lot of pain on Alabama who may not deserve it, but neither did those who died storming the beaches of Normandy.


Terrible game last night but not unpredictable. Marlins were fortunate to take two out of three. Always enjoyed the company of daughter Beth. She has an extraordinary amount of things on her plate and is not as appreciated as she should be.


How many would have bet the Lions would beat the Chiefs? Detroit gets to cheer once a decade and last night was the night.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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