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Friday, September 30, 2022

Unbelievable, but Judge Cannon overruled the Special Master and ruled that Trump does not have to clarify claims on Mar-a-Lago documents. She also cut Trump more slack in terms of deadlines. This is really outrageous. I hope Dearie, the Master, does not resign. He has forgotten more about being a Judge than Cannon will ever know.


I was never a huge Brett Favre fan. I thought and still think he was a great quarterback, but he was not someone I followed closely or someone I rooted for. I represented Joe Namath and he is my all time favorite celebrity client. He is a really terrific guy and very smart. I liked Marino, Griese, Montana and Unitas. Bobby Layne, Norm Van Brocklin, Starr, Staubach, Warner were several others I liked better.

Now, and the facts are not yet known, Favre could be in really deep trouble. If what could have happened actually happened, he not only will be bounced out of The Hall of Fame, he could end up the prison. I am not rooting for that as I am rooting for Trump to end up in the clink, but it could happen, and I will not mourn if he does.


Another divorce case I did not get. I missed telling you about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband filing for divorce. He is seeking to have the court file sealed.


In the “I wish I could have said it as well” department, I saw this quote which had no attribution: "The fact that around 50 million people worship a conspicuously deranged delusional unhinged lunatic as some kind of god-like figure remains totally impossible to grasp. Anyone who watches the Sean Hannity clips and doesn’t realize he’s completely insane, is willfully blind."


On Thursday, Ginni Thomas met for several hours with the January 6 Committee. The meeting was behind closed doors, and, so far, nothing is being said by anyone. Her lawyer was Mark Paoletta, who served as general counsel of the Office of Management and Budget and as chief counsel to Mike Pence among other things .


Our yard is a mess but other than that, we have escaped any serious damage from this horrible hurricane. The damage on the West Coast is beyond horrendous. It is already calculated to be in the hundreds of millions. Some will never recover, and for others it will take years.


The Senate voted to temporarily raise the debt ceiling until December 16. The House will go along. But get this folks: if the Republicans takeover, they will throw our government into default unless Biden reverses everything he has accomplished. If other issues have not yet convinced you to vote Democratic, G-d help us all.


Wow! The U.S Chamber of Commerce endorsed Dr. Oz. That is crazy. If I were a member, I would resign.


Do not forget 64% of Republicans want us to be a Christian country, and this is not just elected officials, this is the rank and file.


The Dolphins showed me a lot of guts, but with Tua out, they could not get it done. Let’s just hope Tua is not badly injured. We were in it until almost the end but a very bad throw ended it.

The latest news I found before posting this is that Tua will be released or was released from the hospital and will travel back to Miami with the team.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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