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Friday, September 22, 2023

The Wall Street Journal has asked “why is Trump afraid to debate?” Why would he, being 50 points ahead. Besides, he is incapable of being even semi coherent without using a teleprompter. If he were to fall on his ass, which is not a long shot, he knocks into a cocked hat the Republicans who Ap maintain Biden is too old but Trump is not.


The House refused to allow President Zelenskyy’s request to address the House. He was too busy bringing a baseless impeachment inquiry, and putting on a circus with Attorney General Garland.


I have modified my approach to solving the “Tuberville Problem” while helping solve the migrant problem. Instead of just shutting down the military bases in Alabama, keep them open, move the military personnel and other things necessary to have an operating military base, to other places. Then, use the military bases in Alabama to put in the migrants who are overflowing several cities.

Look, the Senate has very little that must be done while the House is about to shutdown our country. Schumer should say “bring you pajamas and prepare to stay all night until we go through each military promotion one by one."

The entire Senate, both parties, handled this matter as poorly as anything in recent years. Even I, just a Hollywood, Florida lawyer with no political acumen of note, wrote within a week or so of Tuberville’s hold that we were in for big trouble. Laurence O’Donnell labeled Tuberville the worst Senator in the Chamber, and many others have called him just plain stupid. He is a zealot and cannot be reasoned with.

Why did it take seven months to start addressing this issue? Just whining is a waste. We are at a major impasse, but we are still playing “nice”. Tuberville has already caused havoc. Try for a rule change, get rid of filibuster. They have to go around Tuberville.


Rupert Murdoch has stepped down. Count me among those who absolutely does not care.

The man almost single-handedly ruined the reliability of the media for millions. Can you just imagine the intelligence level who know what they know from watching Fox News? ——————————-

Donald Trump supports a government shutdown. He give new meaning to the term “schmuck”.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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