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Friday, September 2, 2022

Query: Would Jackson, Mississippi be in the same major crisis if it were not primarily a City where the majority of citizens are not Caucasian? I think not.


So far at least, Lindsey Graham has to testify before the Georgia Grand Jury. Certain exceptions are being carved out, but I do not know the details or why?


No surprise : Eastman appeared and invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege.


Nancy Pelosi’s Husband sure ended up in jail for drunk driving a lot quicker than those guilty of treason among other crimes. Hm!


The more I think about it, the more outrageous was the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. It may be the worse decision in our history on every possible level I cannot recall any other decision so out of step with the will of the majority and the cultural trends everywhere. Even Mexico and Italy are far more liberal.


Newt Gingrich before the January 6 Committee? That adds a major ring to the circus. I would not believe Gingrich if he told me the day of the week and I would not accept his calendar.


I hope everyone listened to President Biden last night. My take? Too many Americans do not deserve this man to be our President. He made me proud. I do not think Donald Trump ever said or did anything that came from his heart, probably because he does not have a heart.

(He has a penis).

And following up on that, Trump has announced that (a) if re-elected, he would look favorably on issuing pardons for the January 6 rioters; and (b) he is providing financial aid to assist in the legal defense of some of the rioters. That is really hard to believe. Think about this. The Former President is rooting for the rioters who stormed our Capitol. Trump truly deserves to be locked up.


Not surprisingly, Judge Cannon reserved ruling. The D.O.J. probably does not care that much.

Apparently, theJudge asked, “Why does it hurt?” Let me count the ways, starting with Trump’s prayers for relief are not legally sufficient.l


Am I the only one who paid attention to a television ad run by the Democrats that points the viewer to the Republican Platform which can be read online? It struck me that the vast majority hearing that reference will totally ignore it. Many will not even have access to the Internet. It takes a few seconds to flash up on the screen a few excerpts from the Platform.


Played a mini concert before going to bed. There is so much great music and so many great artists with unique interpretations. To me, the right tempo is crucial and singing the verse essential. One of my favorite songs is “Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries”

I do not think anyone ever sang it better than Doris Day and I highly recommend it is worth a listen.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

Another take...

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