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Friday, September 15, 2023

Very disappointing Marlin games yesterday.. winning only one game of four is a very bad result.

The Braves come to Miami this weekend. Rosh Hashanah or the games was at least a minor issue, but with my fall, I cannot participate in either. I am hoping that by Sunday I am mobile enough to see the last game of the series.


As of bedtime, more technically chair time since I still not lie down, an auto strike was just an hour away. There seems to be almost no concern about what I think is a consequential event.


You may not like Nancy Pelosi, but if you listened to her recent interviews, you heard someone who conducts herself as Speaker should. McCarthy, meanwhile is cursing out members of his own party and telling them to bring it on.


The indictment of Hunter Biden is a joke. The President must respond.


Things started getting interesting in Georgia state court yesterday. The young judge is doing an excellent job. Judge Cannon could take some lessons from him.


Haley has no gone ahead of DeSantis in the polls. I ask again “what will DeSantis do when he is not the nominee and he is no longer Governor of Florida?” It surprises me that there has not been more about who will run for Governor of Florida.


How much do you think is spent on very expensive television ad by companies selling pills? I do not recall any of this kind of advertising in any other country, and I have watched television in dozens of other countries.


We are changing internet services and new service only partially working. That is one reason this post is late and so limited.

Actually, where I find myself, figuratively, of course, is sitting in the audience waiting for the performance to begin on a great tragedy. For some reason, I arrived almost two weeks early, but I am sitting there just waiting.

I have been pessimistic before, but always saw a reasonable chance that common sense would prevail and we would avoid a shutdown. This time, I am the least optimistic in memory. There is true lunacy in Washington among the Republicans who are more focused on the. President’s son than the best welfare of this country.

They are focused on a one point question and totally ignoring the ninety point question. Everyone flunks taking this approach. If I could sell everything I have without creating tax havoc, I would. Maybe I should just become lawless and stop paying taxes like so many others


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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