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Friday, October 6, 2023

Donald Trump and his lawyers are abusing the legal system. His lawyers are filing reams of papers making arguments with little or no merit. It is only a matter of time before sanctions are levied against Trump and/or his lawyers.

Although the judiciary is an equal branch of government, it receives a small fraction of the budget. Many places lack enough judges, courtrooms, clerks and other resources too handle all the cases.

Millions of dollars are being dissipated unnecessarily. Trump appeals everything. Trump is clogging the courts preventing other litigants from having their cases adjudicated. The ripple effect of Trump’s overly zealous litigation tactics will cause havoc for years.


One of the all time great line backs has died. Dick Butkus died at age 80. He was a force of nature. It was nice to see that he and his high school sweetheart were married 60 years.


One of son Charles’ oldest and best friends is Grant Smith. Grant’s Father Larry is a colleague of mine and a former Congressman. Grant and Charles are taking their old men to lunch today at Runway 84. I am looking forward to this lunch. In fact, when I was assessing whether to travel to the playoff games, one reason I decided not to go was that that I did not want to risk missing this lunch.

In my professional prime, I worked 70 hours a week and rarely had time to spend with the children. Now, with much more time, I try to make a priority being with me children. Many times ‘ the cats is in the cradle”. Look it up if you do not understand the reference.


Sidney Powell’s efforts to have the case against her dismissed has been denied. I do not know all the details, but the gist of her position seems o be “I didn’t do it”. That is why they have trials.


To say we have one big cluster fuck in Washington is a gross understatement. Scalise has likened himself to a KKK member without a sheet, and Jordan is worse. Trump is considering whether he wants the job on an interim basis. I doubt the 30 minutes a week he has to spare is sufficient, but I have been wrong before.

Bring back Cheney or get Romney to unretire a la Tom Brady. Gotta get rid of Gaetz and his tribe of 7 lunatics because they have no interest in governing.

Trump has now endorsed Jim Jordan. That is not a surprise. If Jordan becomes Speaker, we are, for sure doomed. ——————————

Forget trying to go to San Francisco between January 7 and 10. The whole town is sold out.


Trump has just dropped his lawsuit against Michael Cohen. This is yet another example of Trump’s abuse of the legal process. He could be beat Cohen without going under oath and he was not going to do that.


And another nightmare Kari Lake is going for Sinema’s Senate seat. “Trump in a dress” is the best description of this dingbat.


There are some really outstanding people in this country. Why cannot we attract these people to public service.


Giuliani owes I. R. S. $550,000. He is probably counting on Trump being re-elected and abolishing the I.R.S. along with most of the rest of the government.


It will be four weeks tomorrow that I fell. Still purple on my right side, but last night p, for the first time, I could sleep on that side for a few minutes. My mobility is improving.


Tuberville is still totally mucking up our military. If anything is being done to resolve this massive problem, I do not know about it.

The Democrats need to flood the military bases and register everyone as a Democrat. Then, set up mechanisms on each base to get out the vote.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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